Maths Puzzles

Eric Levy, United States

Thursday, November 17, 2016

"Thank you for the podcasts! I really enjoy the puzzles. This relates to the 5/29/15 podcast re: coin flipping game that was stopped before completion. The flips when stopped were two Heads and one Tail. You indicate that the options on next 2 tosses are HH, TH, HT, and TT. Since the game stops when one person reaches 3 points, wouldn't HH and HT be the same, as the second flip isn't needed? This seems to match your ultimate answer of 75% and 25%, though ... with the person with Tails only winning with TT, which is 25% chance. I get the same answer but intermediate steps differ. Am I looking at this incorrectly? Thanks!."


Thursday, November 17, 2016

"Dear Eric, Thanks so much for your observations and you are completely right. The only reason I chose to list the next two outcomes was to produce equally likely outcomes making the arithmetic very slightly easier. I am glad you enjoy the puzzles."

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