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New Activity

The latest activity to be updated on this site is called "Sum of Three Palindromes" (Every whole number can be expressed as the sum of three palindromic numbers like this...).

So far this activity has been accessed 159 times and 28 people have earned a Transum Trophy for completing it.

Featured Activity

Suko Sujiko

Suko Sujiko

Interactive number-based logic puzzles similar to those featuring in daily newspapers designed to develop numeracy skills. These puzzles are drag and drop and can earn you a Transum Trophy.

Recent News:

Researchers take a step toward novel quantum simulators

If scaled up successfully, the team's new system could help answer questions about certain kinds of superconductors and other unusual states of matter. more...

COVID calculations spur solution to old problem in computer science

A mathematician was keen to forecast the evolution of the COVID epidemic. Instead, he ended up solving a problem which had troubled computer scientists for decades. more...

Modelling the collective movement of bacteria

A new paper presents a mathematical model for the motion of bacteria that includes cell division and death, the basic ingredients of the cell cycle. more...

A peculiar protected structure links Viking knots with quantum vortices

Mathematical analysis identifies a vortex structure that is impervious to decay. more...

Revealing the complex magnetization reversal mechanism with topological data analysis

The reliability of data storage and writing speed in advanced magnetic devices depend on drastic, complex changes in microscopic magnetic domain structures. However, it is extremely challenging to quantify these changes, limiting our understanding of magnetic phenomena. To tackle this, researchers developed, using machine learning and topology, an analysis method that quantifies the complexity of the magnetic domain structures, revealing hidden features of magnetization reversal that are hardly seen by human eyes. more...

Finding simplicity within complexity

With the theory that for every action, even those seemingly complex and random, there is a math problem that describes it, a researcher is publishing a new formula that helps find that equation quickly. Yes, he's speeding up science. more...

Math approach may make drug discovery more effective, efficient

Researchers have devised a computer-based platform for drug discovery that could make the process more effective, more efficient and less costly. more...

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