Create a Teacher Account

Create a Teacher Account

The cost of a Transum Mathematics subscription in British pounds is fixed and guaranteed not to change from now until at least 23 Jul 2024 however the cost in other currencies is subject to exchange rate fluctuations.

This is an application form for a subscription for one teacher with multiple classes. The fee of £69 is for a period of one year with the option to renew at the end of the year.
See also School Application Form and Parent/Tutor Application Form.

A Transum subscription includes access to Class Admin and provides:

  • Answers to the pupil online exercises, quizzes and puzzles*;
  • No advertisements for you and all in your school (based on access IP addresses);
  • An online place (called Class Admin) to store your class lists so that you can access them anywhere you have an Internet connection;
  • An online tool for creating lesson plans which include many of the Transum popular resources;
  • An automatic analysis of pupils' assessments data for you, the teacher;
  • Feedback for your pupils with detailed information about how they performed in tests compared to their class mates.
  • Online tools to randomly arrange pupils in groups for class activities;
  • Online tools to create a dynamic seating plan for each of your classes;
  • A facility to print out class lists;
  • Access to quality external links on each of the Transum topic pages;
  • A place on the topic pages to store the external links you have found yourself.
  • Access to our collection of Maths Lesson Finishers.
  • Access to tables showing the Transum Trophies earned by pupils in your classes. You can also issue Transum Trophies to pupils for any reason you want.
  • A tool to help you write reports for your pupils with a little help from the software which feeds you with statements based on their marks.

And here is a video showing what all this looks like.

* There are a few activities for which it is not possible to provide answers due to the randomised feature generated by the coding.

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