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Starter Of The Day

A different Mathematics lesson starter for each day of the year designed to engage learners with a range of puzzles, exercises and creative ideas. Click on a date in the calendar above for the Starter Of The Day.

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October 2023

🎃 Whopping Million
🎃 Updated Resources
🎃 Pattern Clues
🎃 Teaching Strategies
🎃 Halloween
🎃 Number Bases Joke!

October's Newsletter :: Podcasts

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September 2023

🎯 Divided Dartboard
🎯 Back To School
🎯 Rounding Rules
🎯 How do you say 92?
🎯 Talk Like a Pirate
🎯 Maths Joke!

September's Newsletter :: Podcasts

August 2023

⛱️Puzzle of the Month
⛱️New Teaching Resources
⛱️Pastimes for Teachers
⛱️Twelfths Rule
⛱️Holiday Snaps
⛱️Extrapolated Joke!

August's Newsletter :: Podcasts

July 2023

🎂 Puzzle of the Month
🎂 Birthday Maths
🎂 Benford's Law
🎂 Doomsday Algorithm
🎂 New Online Exercises
🎂 Continuous or Discrete?

July's Newsletter :: Podcasts

June 2023

➡️Puzzle of the Month
➡️Medieval Counting
➡️New Learning Resources
➡️Updated Teaching Resources
➡️GPT Maths Misconceptions
➡️Hilarious Maths Joke

June's Newsletter :: Podcasts

May 2023

🌏Puzzle of the Month
🌏Advanced Starters
🌏Outdoor Maths
🌏New Resources
🌏ChatGPT commendation
🌏Exam Revision
🌏Maths Joke

May's Newsletter :: Podcasts

April 2023

🥚Puzzle of the Month
🥚April Fools' prank
🥚Easter Maths collection
🥚New teaching resources
🥚Factor Tree challenges
🥚Smallest Number

April's Newsletter :: Podcasts

March 2023

💯 Puzzle of the Month
💯 Activities themed on 100
💯 Data is now singular
💯 New learning resources
💯 Airport security probability
💯 Trick to foil the crafty student
💯 Maths joke

March's Newsletter :: Podcasts

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Clive, UK


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