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Year 10 Scheme of Learning


Collecting, representing and interpreting data

Term 3 starting in week 1 :: Estimated time: 6 weeks

For higher-attaining pupils:

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Activities for pupils

Here are some related resources in alphabetical order. Some may only be appropriate for high-attaining learners while others will be useful for those in need of support. Click anywhere in the grey area to access the resource.

Here are some exam-style questions on this topic:

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Click on a topic below for suggested lesson Starters, resources and activities from Transum.

Lesson Starters

Here are some suggestions for whole-class, projectable resources which can be used at the beginnings of each lesson in this block.

1st Lesson


Average Smile

Calculate the mean, median and range of the given scores.

2nd Lesson



Work out the number of chin ups the characters do on the last day of the week give information about averages.

3rd Lesson


Five Digits

Five digits have the same mean, median, mode and range.

4th Lesson


Choc Bar Chart

Interpret data given in the form of a bar chart then create a new bar chart showing the given statistics.

5th Lesson


Pie Chart

An exercise in estimating what the sectors of a pie chart represent.

6th Lesson


Weather Maths

Eight mathematical questions about the current weather and times in four cities around the world.

7th Lesson


Product Practice

Work out the answers to the given calculations then add the answers together. There are three different levels of difficulty.

8th Lesson



Go around the roundabout performing each of the operations. Which starting point gives the largest answer?

9th Lesson


Rounding 2dp

Round off the given numbers to 2 decimal places then add the answers together.

10th Lesson


Second Holiday

Estimate then work out the period of time equal to the given number of seconds.

11th Lesson


Separated Twins

Can you find a 14 digit number containing two each of the digits one to seven which obeys the rules given?

12th Lesson


Square Pairs

Arrange the numbered trees so that adjacent sums are square numbers.

13th Lesson


Subtract Quickulations

Calculations appear on the screen every few seconds.

14th Lesson


Take Sides

Put up your right hand or left hand depending on the expressions that appears.

15th Lesson


Triple Totals

Complete the sums using only the given numbers then check your calculations are correct.

16th Lesson


Route to Las Vegas

Work out the cheapest way from Los Angeles to Las Vegas by choosing the best route and adding up the given numbers.

17th Lesson


Seeing Squares

How many square numbers can be found in the grid of digits.

18th Lesson


Refreshing Revision

It is called Refreshing Revision because every time you refresh the page you get different revision questions.

Some of the Starters above are to reinforce concepts learnt, others are to introduce new ideas while others are on unrelated topics designed for retrieval practice or and opportunity to develop problem-solving skills.

White Rose Resources
White Rose Mathematics

End of block assessments provide a quick progress check at the end of each block of learning to make sure students have understood the content covered.

This Scheme of Learning was produced by White Rose Maths and is used here with permission granted on 30th June 2021.


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