The Hurdles Race


We would like to apologise that our scheduled broadcast of the finals of the hurdles race cannot take place. Instead, the race between Ms Green, Mr Blue and Miss Red will be bought to you by the voice talent of a student from this class! Please stand by for the live commentary.


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In how many different ways can the numbers be arranged to give the same totals? So far this activity has been accessed 7899 times and 283 people have earned a Transum Trophy for completing it.

Hurdles Race

A Visual Aid

This activity presents a distance/time graph as a real, living graph. The notion of passing time is simulated by the slow reveal of the graph from left to right. A student volunteer giving a live commentary is interpreting the meaning of the graph in a very vivid, familiar way.

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The controls at the bottom right of the panel above can be used by the teacher to control the progress of the race. Running it a second or third time will allow your student commentator to improve their performance.

Introducing distance-time graphs is best done using the Helicopter View animation.

Helicopter View

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