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New Activity

The latest activity to be updated on this site is called "BIDMAS" (A self marking exercise testing the application of BIDMAS, an acronym describing the order of operations used when evaluating expressions.).

So far this activity has been accessed 68597 times and 11665 people have earned a Transum Trophy for completing it.

Featured Activity

Shunting Puzzles

Shunting Puzzles

These puzzles are Transum's versions of the shunting or switching puzzles made popular by train enthusiasts and logic puzzle solvers.

Recent News:

New model points to solution to global blood shortage

A mathematical model of the body's interacting physiological and biochemical processes shows that it may be more effective to replace red blood cell transfusion with transfusion of other fluids that are far less in demand. more...

Toward more energy efficient power converters

Researchers extend the mathematical approach called automatic differentiation from machine learning to the fitting of model parameters that describe the behavior of field-effect transistors. This allowed the parameters to be extracted up to 3.5 times faster compared with previous methods, which may lead to more sustainable microelectronics. more...

Physics meets democracy in this modeling study

A study leverages concepts from physics to model how campaign strategies influence the opinions of an electorate in a two-party system. more...

Calculating the path of cancer

Scientists are using a new mathematical tool to predict how combinations of genetic mutations cause different types of tumors. more...

How apples get their shapes

How do apples grow that distinctive shape? Now, a team of mathematicians and physicists have used observations, lab experiments, theory and computation to understand the growth and form of the cusp of an apple. more...

Great apes' consonant and vowel-like sounds travel over distance without losing meaning

Scientists have shown that orangutan call signals believed to be closest to the precursors to human language, travel through forest over long distances without losing their meaning. This throws into question the accepted mathematical model on the evolution of human speech. more...

Mathematical constructions of COVID virus activity could provide new insight for vaccines, treatment

Mathematical constructions of the action of SARS-CoV-2 and its multiple spikes, which enable its success at infecting cells, can give vaccine developers and pharmaceutical companies alike a more precise picture of what the virus is doing inside us and help fine tune prevention and treatment. more...

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