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New Activity

The latest activity to be updated on this site is called "Congruent Parts" (Use the colours to dissect the outlines into congruent parts.).

So far this activity has been accessed 40 times and 10 people have earned a Transum Trophy for completing it.

Featured Activity

Connect 4 Factors

Connect 4 Factors

A mathematical version of the popular Connect 4 game based on getting four numbers with a common factor in a line. Fun for one, two or a whole class of pupils.

Recent News:

Exoskeletons have a problem: They can strain the brain

Exoskeletons - wearable devices used by workers on assembly lines or in warehouses to alleviate stress on their lower backs - may compete with valuable resources in the brain while people work, canceling out the physical benefits of wearing them, a new study suggests. more...

Cancer: Information theory to fight resistance to treatments

A major challenge in cancer therapy is the adaptive response of cancer cells to targeted therapies. Although this adaptive response is theoretically reversible, such a reversal is hampered by numerous molecular mechanisms that allow the cancer cells to adapt to the treatment. A team has used information theory, in order to objectify in vivo the molecular regulations at play in the mechanisms of the adaptive response and their modulation by a therapeutic combination. more...

The mathematics of repulsion for new graphene catalysts

Scientists at Tohoku University and colleagues in Japan have developed a mathematical model that helps predict the tiny changes in carbon-based materials that could yield interesting properties. more...

Mathematical models and computer simulations are the new frontiers in COVID-19 drug trials

Researchers are using computer models to simulate COVID-19 infections on a cellular level which allows for virtual trials of drugs and vaccines, opening the possibility of pre-assessment for drug and vaccine efficacy against the virus. more...

Mathematical model predicts the movement of microplastics in the ocean

New research has identified the processes that underpin the trajectories of microplastics below the ocean surface. The authors analyzed how biofouling -- the accumulation of algae on the surface of microplastics -- impacts the vertical movement of buoyant particles. more...

Mathematicians develop ground-breaking modeling toolkit to predict local COVID-19 impact

Mathematicians have created a new modeling toolkit which predicts the impact of COVID-19 at a local level with unprecedented accuracy. more...

Training helps teachers anticipate how students with learning disabilities might solve problems

Researchers found that a four-week training course made a substantial difference in helping special education teachers anticipate different ways students with learning disabilities might solve math problems. more...

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