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New Activity

The latest activity to be updated on this site is called "Puzzle Cube Net" (A jumbled moving-block puzzle cube is shown as a net. Can you solve it?).

So far this activity has been accessed 20741 times and 2008 people have earned a Transum Trophy for completing it.

Featured Activity

Striped Sweets

Striped Sweets

Colour the sweet wrappers so that no two are the same. A multi-level activity designed to encourage a systematic strategy for finding all of the different permutations.

Recent News:

Mathematics enable scientists to understand organization within a cell's nucleus

Researchers have developed a new mathematical technique to begin to understand how a cell's nucleus is organized. They hope this understanding will expose vulnerabilities that can be targeted to reprogram a cell to stop cancer or other diseases. more...

What is the best way to group students? Math model

Researchers have developed a new approach that uses math to determine the best ways to group individuals to maximize learning. Their work has broad implications in education, as well as in economics, music, medicine, and sports. more...

The way you talk to your child about math matters

'You're so smart!' -- This encouraging response may actually do more harm than good to children's math performance, according to a new study. The study found that encouraging children with responses related to their personal traits or innate abilities may dampen their math motivation and achievement over time. more...

Pioneering mathematical formula paves way for exciting advances in health, energy, and food industry

A groundbreaking mathematical equation has been discovered, which could transform medical procedures, natural gas extraction, and plastic packaging production in the future. more...

Push, pull or swirl: The many movements of cilia

Researchers know about many of cilia's roles, but not exactly how they beat in the first place. A new mathematical model aims to uncover the secret to cilia's beating motions. more...

Researchers use computer modeling to understand how self-renewal processes impact skin cell evolution

Scientists have used mathematical and computer modeling to demonstrate the impact of skin homeostasis on driver and passenger mutations. more...

Mixing things up: Optimizing fluid mixing with machine learning

Fluid mixing is an important part of several industrial processes and chemical reactions. However, the process often relies on trial-and-error-based experiments instead of mathematical optimization. While turbulent mixing is effective, it cannot always be sustained and can damage the materials involved. To address this issue, researchers have now proposed an optimization approach to fluid mixing for laminar flows using machine learning, which can be extended to turbulent mixing as well. more...

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