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New Activity

The latest activity to be updated on this site is called "Common Trig Ratios Radians" (A self-marking exercise on finding the exact values of sine, cosine and tangent of special angles given in radians.).

So far this activity has been accessed 52 times and 2 people have earned a Transum Trophy for completing it.

Featured Activity

Shunting Puzzles

Shunting Puzzles

These puzzles are Transum's versions of the shunting or switching puzzles made popular by train enthusiasts and logic puzzle solvers.

Recent News:

Reading between the cracks: Artificial intelligence can identify patterns in surface cracking to assess damage in reinforced concrete structures

Researchers are trying to make the process more efficient and definitive by using artificial intelligence, combined with a classic mathematical method for quantifying web-like networks, to determine how damaged a concrete structure is, based solely on its pattern of cracking. more...

Extracting the best flavor from coffee

Researchers explore the role of uneven coffee extraction using a simple mathematical model. They split the coffee into two regions to examine whether uneven flow does in fact make weaker espresso. One of the regions in the model system hosted more tightly packed coffee than the other, which caused an initial disparity in flow resistance. The extraction of coffee decreased the flow resistance further. Understanding the origin of uneven extraction and avoiding or preventing it could enable better brews and substantial financial savings by using coffee more efficiently. more...

Unraveling the mathematics behind wiggly worm knots

Researchers wanted to understand precisely how blackworms execute tangling and ultrafast untangling movements for a myriad of biological functions. They researched the topology of the tangles. Their research could inform the design of fiber-like, shapeshifting robotics that self-assemble and move in ways that are fast and reversible. more...

ChatGPT is still no match for humans when it comes to accounting

ChatGPT faced off against students on accounting assessments. Students scored an overall average of 76.7%, compared to ChatGPT's score of 47.4%. On a 11.3% of questions, ChatGPT scored higher than the student average, doing particularly well on AIS and auditing. But the AI bot did worse on tax, financial, and managerial assessments, possibly because ChatGPT struggled with the mathematical processes required for the latter type. more...

Rock, paper, scissors: Searching for stronger nonlocality using quantum computers

In the quantum world particles can instantaneously know about each other's state, even when separated by large distances. This is known as nonlocality. Now, A research group has produced some interesting findings on the Hardy nonlocality that have important ramifications for understanding quantum mechanics and its potential applications in communications. more...

Researcher solves nearly 60-year-old game theory dilemma

A researcher has solved a nearly 60-year-old game theory dilemma called the wall pursuit game, with implications for better reasoning about autonomous systems such as driver-less vehicles. more...

Stick to your lane: Hidden order in chaotic crowds

Mathematical research brings new understanding of crowd formation and behavior. more...

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