Maths Riddles


Growing Fast: How can it be that Percy will be 16 next year when he was only 13 the day before yesterday?


Cube Ages: Calculate the mean age of the two fathers and two sons with the given clues.


Tricky Takeaway: Take away some of the letters in a word to get a surprising result.


Bus Driver: A riddle about a bus driver on quite a busy route.


Company or Crowd?: If two's company and three's a crowd, what's four and five?


Moses' Roses: How can ten roses be planted in five rows of four?


Two Coins: What two coins add up to 70p (one of them is not a 50p coin)


The Blue Arrows: What is the smallest number of jets that could have been in the formation according to the sighting information?


Does not add up!: Why would eight and five add up to one?


Rope Ladder: How many rungs of a rope ladder remain above the water line after the tide has risen two metres?


Wandering Bear: A bear walks south, east then north and finds it is back where it started. What colour is the bear?


Rejuvenate: A girl was 16 years old in 2010 but just 8 years old in 2018


Sharing Apples: Share five apples between five children while leaving one in the basket.


Smart Animals: Who is most likely to be able to work out the square root of 121?


Sums With Hundreds: When is eighteen hundred minus fifty the same as seventeen hundred plus ten?


Maths Jokes: Many mathematical jokes can be thought of as riddles and there is a big collection of jokes here.

Riddles as Starters:

Birthday Clues
Work out the date Will was born by answering some number questions.

Missing Pound
A puzzle about a restaurant bill. Exactly where did the missing pound go?

Mystery Numbers
Can you recognise the mystery numbers from the clues?

Number Riddles
Can you work out the numbers from the given clues.

Polygon Riddle 1
Solve the riddle to find the name of the polygon then sum the interior angles.

Polygon Riddle 2
A "My first is in..." type riddle leading to a polygon interior angle calculation.

Polygon Riddle 3
A 'My first is in...' riddle that describes a geometrical shape. Can you construct it?

Secret Symbol
Place a symbol between the four and the five to get a number greater than four and less than five.

St Ives
The traditional St Ives riddle.


Complete Index of Starters


Fun Maths

In addition to these riddles see also our huge collection of Fun Maths games, puzzles and challenges.


Fun Maths

Fun Maths

The end of the lesson or the lesson at the end of Term should be a little more fun than normal. Here's a collection of fun mathematical activities

The short web address is:

The large collection of End of Term activities might also be of interest to you.

End of Term Activities


Mathematical Riddles

Here is the Transum collection of mathematical riddles to make you think outside the box then enjoy the satisfaction finding the answer brings.

A riddle is a statement, possibly with a double or hidden meaning, presented as a puzzle to be solved. Riddles are of two types: enigmas and conundrums, but all of the riddles collected here have a mathematical connection. Posing riddles is an old and respected way of describing mathematical situations, connections and problems.

There is definitely a place for mathematical riddles in the Maths classroom. They can be used as lesson starters or finishers. They could be presented to pupils to think about for homework or included in the school newsletter to promote mathematics.

You will find a number of different types of riddles here which are designed to capture the interest of pupils in a mathematical skill, concept or topic.

Projectable Resources:

How old was Diophantus?: An ancient riddle which can be answered by solving an equation containing fractions.

Mathematical Catchphrase: Say what you see! Work out the mathematical words from the picture clues.

Number Rhyme: A poem about the numbers one to nine. Just for fun can you make up a last line for each verse?

Hands-on Riddles

Calculator Words
Turn your calculator upside down to make words out of the answers to these questions.

Maths Crossword
An interactive mathematical crossword for you to do online. Find the missing words from the given clues.

Mystery Numbers
If '7 D in a W' stands for 7 days in a week, what do you think these mystery numbers are?

Vowels have been taken out of mathematical words. Can you recognise them?

Videos about Riddles:

The 50 Cent Riddle: A 50 cent coin has 12 equal sides. If you place two coins next to each other on a table, what is the angle formed between the two coins?

The Infinite Chocolate Bar: A visual riddle! Can you explain?

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