Fast Factors Hi-Score Tables

Best times for completing Fast Factors in the last 150 attempts

2 Times Table

Isaac13 seconds
Fp14 seconds
Coco15 seconds
Isaac16 seconds
Maths Boi23 seconds

3 Times Table

Wmd11 seconds
Anon11 seconds
Wmd12 seconds
Wmd12 seconds
Wmd12 seconds

4 Times Table

Isaac13 seconds
Isaac16 seconds
Isaac17 seconds
A D D I S18 seconds
Lucy24 seconds

5 Times Table

Nds11 seconds
Nds11 seconds
Nds12 seconds
Nds12 seconds
Nds15 seconds

6 Times Table

Karma22 seconds
Liam23 seconds
Lucy26 seconds
Zara!43 seconds
Sophie43 seconds

7 Times Table

Nds13 seconds
Nds14 seconds
Vibeke17 seconds
Vibeke20 seconds
Karma 24 seconds

8 Times Table

Wmd13 seconds
Isaac16 seconds
Liam27 seconds
Zara!46 seconds

9 Times Table

George18 seconds
Natalie 20 seconds
George20 seconds
Makayla21 seconds
George24 seconds

10 Times Table

Isaac 17 seconds
Maths Boi19 seconds
Maths Boi21 seconds
Maths Boi22 seconds
Roxy23 seconds

11 Times Table

Karma 13 seconds
Lulu20 seconds
Anon22 seconds
Lucy24 seconds
Liam25 seconds

12 Times Table

Liam26 seconds
Isaac30 seconds
Ariannad32 seconds
Anon45 seconds
Karma 54 seconds

13 Times Table

Isaac21 seconds
Liam31 seconds
Callaway39 seconds
Thomas57 seconds

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