Fast Factors Hi-Score Tables

Best times for completing Fast Factors in the last 150 attempts

2 Times Table

Ada13 seconds
Ada14 seconds
Ada14 seconds
Sive15 seconds
Ada16 seconds

3 Times Table

Sive19 seconds
Sive23 seconds
Harps37 seconds

4 Times Table

Sisi Senpa16 seconds
Sive22 seconds
Asher129 seconds
Daniel31 seconds
Stinkabell32 seconds

5 Times Table

Sive13 seconds
Stinkabell14 seconds
Sive14 seconds
Stinkabell17 seconds
Noah See E18 seconds

6 Times Table

Mb16 seconds
Stinkabell17 seconds
Levi 18 seconds
Jg23 seconds
Stinkabell27 seconds

7 Times Table

Stinkabell19 seconds
Stinkabell28 seconds

8 Times Table

Msr13 seconds
Msr15 seconds
Msr15 seconds
Mb16 seconds
Msr17 seconds

9 Times Table

Msr14 seconds
Anthony!16 seconds
Bing17 seconds
Mb18 seconds
Kuku123418 seconds

10 Times Table

Mb11 seconds
Asher1 12 seconds
Mb12 seconds
Ada13 seconds
Kuku123413 seconds

11 Times Table

Stinkabell16 seconds
And Do It16 seconds
Stinkabell17 seconds
Sierra 17 seconds
Stinkabell19 seconds

12 Times Table

Stinkabell21 seconds
Asher1 23 seconds
Dylan25 seconds
Asher132 seconds
Jg58 seconds

13 Times Table

Mb16 seconds
Matilda24 seconds
Matilda34 seconds
Stinkabell37 seconds

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