Fast Factors Hi-Score Tables

Best times for completing Fast Factors in the last 150 attempts

2 Times Table

Ks13 seconds
Ks13 seconds
Alay13 seconds
Ks15 seconds
Jas17 seconds

3 Times Table

Ks13 seconds
Ks15 seconds
Cmp19 seconds
Alay20 seconds
Is21 seconds

4 Times Table

Ks16 seconds
Ks17 seconds
Cmp21 seconds
Cmp23 seconds
Alay27 seconds

5 Times Table

Ks12 seconds
Cw14 seconds
Cp21 seconds
Nao23 seconds
Lil25 seconds

6 Times Table

Tayw16 seconds
Tayw16 seconds
Ks16 seconds
Ks17 seconds
Tayw19 seconds

7 Times Table

Ks12 seconds
Adi26 seconds
Cmp33 seconds
Jas38 seconds
Jas48 seconds

8 Times Table

Lala15 seconds
Layl17 seconds
Cp18 seconds
Cp19 seconds
Cp19 seconds

9 Times Table

Ks22 seconds
Ck24 seconds
Ella25 seconds
Ella26 seconds
Vgna27 seconds

10 Times Table

Ks12 seconds
Cw13 seconds
Ella14 seconds
Zoe15 seconds
Cp17 seconds

11 Times Table

Cmp13 seconds
Ks14 seconds
Amel20 seconds
Anon26 seconds
Isla28 seconds

12 Times Table

Bobb19 seconds
Ks19 seconds
Cmp21 seconds
Levi30 seconds
Mic67 seconds

13 Times Table

Nato16 seconds
Nato17 seconds
Nato18 seconds
Nato22 seconds

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