Fast Factors Hi-Score Tables

Best times for completing Fast Factors in the last 150 attempts

2 Times Table

Ava14 seconds
Livy16 seconds
Livy17 seconds
Livy17 seconds
B19 seconds

3 Times Table

Livy15 seconds
Livy21 seconds
Teep27 seconds
As37 seconds
Pat63 seconds

4 Times Table

Pipp21 seconds
Livy23 seconds
Pipp23 seconds
Alan29 seconds
Ava33 seconds

5 Times Table

Livy13 seconds
Hi18 seconds
Due26 seconds
Jjj27 seconds
Bob27 seconds

6 Times Table

Livy20 seconds
Tris34 seconds
Husk58 seconds
Tris70 seconds

7 Times Table

Mr R15 seconds
Livy16 seconds
Ava19 seconds
Ava19 seconds
Izz20 seconds

8 Times Table

Livy22 seconds
Miss29 seconds
Ava30 seconds
Abi45 seconds

9 Times Table

Livy15 seconds
Izzy18 seconds
Pipp18 seconds
Mae22 seconds
Pipp23 seconds

10 Times Table

Livy13 seconds
Pipp15 seconds
Pipp17 seconds
Loss17 seconds
Pipp18 seconds

11 Times Table

Livy14 seconds
Pipp14 seconds
Sem16 seconds
Iz17 seconds
Pipp18 seconds

12 Times Table

Mae17 seconds
Mr R19 seconds
Mae20 seconds
Eee22 seconds
Eee23 seconds

13 Times Table

Livy17 seconds
Livy17 seconds
Livy17 seconds
Sem18 seconds
Livy18 seconds

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