Tables Conga Hi-Score Tables

Best times for completing Tables Conga in the last 150 attempts

2 Times Table

Suzi37 seconds
Tvau41 seconds
Cull41 seconds
243643 seconds
Kubi44 seconds

3 Times Table

Coop43 seconds
Cull45 seconds
Big_50 seconds
243657 seconds
Bjjo63 seconds

4 Times Table

Shan33 seconds
Mcsh55 seconds
Tao069 seconds
Nurd70 seconds
Cull71 seconds

5 Times Table

Insa37 seconds
Kubi39 seconds
Augg50 seconds
Duff61 seconds
341364 seconds

6 Times Table

Shan45 seconds
Fina49 seconds
Cull54 seconds
Coop63 seconds
Tao067 seconds

7 Times Table

Brod37 seconds
Elvi41 seconds
Bryc42 seconds
Lily45 seconds
Dida45 seconds

8 Times Table

Coop37 seconds
Fina41 seconds
Tayl50 seconds
Nurd51 seconds
Mcsh51 seconds

9 Times Table

Mcsh44 seconds
243646 seconds
Coop52 seconds
Tao056 seconds
Augg63 seconds

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