Tables Conga Hi-Score Tables

Best times for completing Tables Conga in the last 150 attempts

2 Times Table

23mc15 seconds
Dulc41 seconds
23pa42 seconds
Onge45 seconds
23gr45 seconds

3 Times Table

23hi44 seconds
427550 seconds
23wh53 seconds
Jm4453 seconds
23ma63 seconds

4 Times Table

23mi33 seconds
Onge42 seconds
=bar43 seconds
23hi66 seconds
23wh71 seconds

5 Times Table

22lu42 seconds
Adzj49 seconds
137754 seconds
23mo56 seconds
Onge59 seconds

6 Times Table

23pe50 seconds
Onge63 seconds
=bar63 seconds
Jm4465 seconds
Bork91 seconds

7 Times Table

22lu43 seconds
Onge54 seconds
Shil54 seconds
Khad54 seconds
Lily56 seconds

8 Times Table

23ba44 seconds
Onge45 seconds
23pe54 seconds
Yan062 seconds
Jm4464 seconds

9 Times Table

Mccl58 seconds
23te63 seconds
166773 seconds
23sy74 seconds
Onge75 seconds

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