Tables Conga Hi-Score Tables

Best times for completing Tables Conga in the last 150 attempts

2 Times Table

238445 seconds
Helf46 seconds
Jame50 seconds
22ro50 seconds
22fe51 seconds

3 Times Table

22co47 seconds
Alee54 seconds
238456 seconds
22tr64 seconds
Tyle66 seconds

4 Times Table

238442 seconds
Tyle42 seconds
22co59 seconds
22ki59 seconds
Nell61 seconds

5 Times Table

22bi46 seconds
238453 seconds
Xand54 seconds
Tyle55 seconds
Luis58 seconds

6 Times Table

Hgil62 seconds
22tr69 seconds
238470 seconds
Kian70 seconds
Luis70 seconds

7 Times Table

Watt42 seconds
Fsta42 seconds
Lill51 seconds
22ne54 seconds
256855 seconds

8 Times Table

22co55 seconds
Kian57 seconds
Isab61 seconds
Lily66 seconds
22fi70 seconds

9 Times Table

22lu64 seconds
22gl70 seconds
22st72 seconds
Luke83 seconds
Fran87 seconds

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