Tablesmaster Hi-Score Tables

Best times for completing Tablesmaster in the last 150 attempts

2 Times Table

Ez L17 seconds
Rian17 seconds
Sara21 seconds
Ame21 seconds
Sara22 seconds

3 Times Table

Mr C18 seconds
Cake20 seconds
Mr C21 seconds
Lexi24 seconds
Mr C25 seconds

4 Times Table

Cake21 seconds
Eva27 seconds
Me39 seconds
Me83 seconds
Andr164 seconds

5 Times Table

Bail20 seconds
Jack36 seconds
R43 seconds
Arya77 seconds
Ran92 seconds

6 Times Table

Ttt48 seconds
Ais61 seconds
Alis70 seconds

7 Times Table

Henl36 seconds
Ella65 seconds
Josh83 seconds
Khan100 seconds
Alis106 seconds

8 Times Table

Bail25 seconds
Bail27 seconds
Bail29 seconds
Bail30 seconds
Izzy53 seconds

9 Times Table

Lp43 seconds
Joe944 seconds
Maks57 seconds
Anas62 seconds
Em126 seconds

10 Times Table

Drew20 seconds
Drew21 seconds
Pen22 seconds
Drew22 seconds
Arch23 seconds

11 Times Table

Denx18 seconds
Lucy18 seconds
Odog18 seconds
Odog19 seconds
Odog20 seconds

12 Times Table

Ame34 seconds
Nig100 seconds
Love197 seconds

13 Times Table

Adam44 seconds
Henl58 seconds
Anas84 seconds
Henl93 seconds

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