Tablesmaster Hi-Score Tables

Best times for completing Tablesmaster in the last 150 attempts

2 Times Table

Levi20 seconds
Ace24 seconds
Dj P26 seconds
Anni26 seconds
Cob28 seconds

3 Times Table

Nat424 seconds
Nat425 seconds
Nat426 seconds
Nat428 seconds
Nat429 seconds

4 Times Table

Aj29 seconds
Neve32 seconds
Mc32 seconds
Neve36 seconds
Neve37 seconds

5 Times Table

Anon29 seconds
Zof31 seconds
Skem36 seconds
Skem41 seconds
Toom50 seconds

6 Times Table

Aw3w32 seconds
Lucy34 seconds
Yum60 seconds
U73 seconds

7 Times Table

J R19 seconds
J R20 seconds
Mark26 seconds
Mark27 seconds
Hajr28 seconds

8 Times Table

Zof31 seconds
Gosi36 seconds
Skem37 seconds
Gosi40 seconds
Gos43 seconds

9 Times Table

Osca26 seconds
Osca27 seconds
Osca28 seconds
Osca33 seconds
Zof34 seconds

10 Times Table

Zoch19 seconds
1020 seconds
Matt21 seconds
Matt22 seconds
Matt22 seconds

11 Times Table

0m3r22 seconds
Pan26 seconds
Gosj27 seconds
Seer28 seconds
Pan28 seconds

12 Times Table

Zof27 seconds
Gosj28 seconds
Gosj29 seconds
Gosj29 seconds
Wilz30 seconds

13 Times Table

Wilz51 seconds
Seer51 seconds
Anas68 seconds
Anas77 seconds
Anas86 seconds

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