Tablesmaster Hi-Score Tables

Best times for completing Tablesmaster in the last 150 attempts

2 Times Table

Jden20 seconds
Haha20 seconds
Abas23 seconds
Evil24 seconds
Ty5524 seconds

3 Times Table

Jden25 seconds
Ty5525 seconds
Cdb28 seconds
John30 seconds
Hola31 seconds

4 Times Table

Jden25 seconds
Cool29 seconds
Ty5533 seconds
John39 seconds
John41 seconds

5 Times Table

Jden24 seconds
Zee30 seconds
Ty5535 seconds
Zee37 seconds
Tris40 seconds

6 Times Table

Jden25 seconds
57830 seconds
Ty5532 seconds
Lach34 seconds
Lach38 seconds

7 Times Table

Jden24 seconds
Kiah24 seconds
Kiah28 seconds
Arlo29 seconds
Arlo30 seconds

8 Times Table

Jden25 seconds
John51 seconds
Elde84 seconds
Wolf102 seconds
Yal!505 seconds

9 Times Table

Jden73 seconds

10 Times Table

Ty H18 seconds
Abas18 seconds
Anon19 seconds
Ty H19 seconds
Ty H19 seconds

11 Times Table

Jden19 seconds
A22 seconds
Iwon24 seconds
Char24 seconds
A25 seconds

12 Times Table

Gusp30 seconds
Char38 seconds
Hi M60 seconds
Anon134 seconds

13 Times Table

Mr W28 seconds
Sui46 seconds
Semi54 seconds
Tris123 seconds
Lill206 seconds

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