Find the expression from a series of guesses and clues.

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Saturday, January 8, 2022

"It is not sufficient just to find an expression that’s true but to find the exact expression that I was thinking of. For example 6-1=5 while true would not be correct if I am thinking of 6=1+5."

Fiona Rosler, Twitter

Monday, February 7, 2022


Thursday, July 14, 2022

"Mathematical Pie has been around for as long as I can remember. It is published three times a year and is aimed at pupils from 10 to 14 years of age, but is read by all age groups. Each issue contains a variety of problems and challenges, stimulating mathematical activity. The questions vary in their difficulty so that there are suitable starting points for all ages of student. It is published by the Mathematical Association.

I was excited to find out that the Summer 2022 edition featured Equatero. What an honour!. Here is the excerpt:

From Mathematical Pie"

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Description of Levels



Level 1 - Calculations containing 5 numbers and symbols

Examples: 1+2=3 or 6=8−2

Level 2 - Calculations containing 6 numbers and symbols

Examples: 3×4=12 or 5=14-9

Level 3 - Calculations containing 7 numbers and symbols

Examples: 2×2×2=8 or 5−3=2÷1

Level 4 - Calculations containing 8 numbers and symbols

Examples: 9×6=58−4 or 4+5+9=18

Level 5 - Calculations containing 9 numbers and symbols

Examples: 9^2=24+57 or √16=67−63

Vocabero - A similar game requiring you to guess a mathematical word.

Mathstermind - The Transum version of that old game requiring you to guess a number.

More Puzzles - all with a mathematical theme.

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Currently the greatest number of points earned in the last month for this level (Level 3) has been achieved by 22bearons with 105 points on Thursday, July 18, 2024. Can you beat that? If you can make sure you claim a trophy because that is how good scores are officially recognised.


105 points


Suppose I am thinking of the calculation 1+2=3

You have to try and gress what my calculation is.

For your first guess you may type in 4-1=3

When you have finished typing the tiles will change colour. The colours are the clues:


Now have another guess at my calculation. Use the clues that you have been given.

Each of your guesses (for Levels 1 to 4) should be a correct mathematical equation (two equivalent expressions with an equals sign between them).

You will earn points for guessing my calculation correctly. When you have earned enough points you can claim a trophy.

Here is an example from level 4:


I hope you enjoy working on these puzzles and I wish you many green tiles!

Answers to this exercise are available lower down this page when you are logged in to your Transum account. If you don’t yet have a Transum subscription one can be very quickly set up if you are a teacher, tutor or parent.

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BIDMAS is an acronym reminding pupils of the order of operation used when evaluating expressions involving a number of different operations. The letters of BIDMAS stand for:

When only addition and subtraction (or only multiplication and division) are left in an expression you should work them out in the order you find them, starting from the left and working towards the right. The blue image of the letters above has been designed to show that multiplication and division have the same importance as the letter M is in the same position as the letter D. The same can be said for the letters A and S.

For example, to evaluate the expression 32 + 5 x 7 - (4 - 3)

Work out the brackets first which gives 32 + 5 x 7 - 1

Then the indices 9 + 5 x 7 - 1

Then the multiplication 9 + 35 - 1

Then the addition and subtraction in the order they are given

The answer is 43

PEMDAS is an alternative acronym.