Venn Paint

Venn Diagram Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Exam Questions


Click on the regions to fill them with paint. There is an undo button if you make a mistake. Alternatively you could change the paint colour to white to eliminate unwanted regions.

Click the 'Check' button to see how well you are doing at any point as you are working through the diagrams. You can earn a Transum Trophy for getting at least 8 diagrams correct.

You can use any colour (except white) to paint the regions of the Venn diagrams so make it a colourful work of art!

Help Video:



Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram

Drag and drop each of the numbers one to sixteen on the correct region of the Venn diagram.
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Venn Totals

Venn Totals Exercise

Practise reading and creating Venn diagrams containing two and three sets and the number of elements within.
The short web address is:


Set Notation Matching Game

Set Notation Matching Game

Match the set notation statements with the equivalent symbol(s). A drag and drop self marking exercise.
The short web address is:

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Venn Diagram Pairs

Venn Diagram Pairs

The traditional pairs or pelmanism game adapted to test knowledge of Venn diagrams.
The short web address is:


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Francesca Porter, BCS

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

"You have amazing resources but ...
We are unable to some of these as there as youtube is often used on the pages and youtube is often banned in schools. Would it be possible to have the youtube on a linked page so that the rest of the resources can be used in class.
I wanted to the Venn paint, which is amazing!

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1. Navigate to our content filtering system's dashboard.
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3. Add an exception for the "TransumOrg" channel on YouTube. This will allow videos from this specific channel to be accessible.
4. Additionally, add an exception for any videos embedded within the domain "".
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Finally here is an interesting use of a Venn diagram as the colour key of a map.

It shows the countries that qualified for the 2010, 2014 and 2018 FIFA World Cups.

Countries qualified for the 2010, 2014 and 2018 FIFA World Cups

Map created by SoldadoTrifaldon and featured on Brilliant Maps.


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