Easter Maths

Here is an eclectic collection mathematical activities from Transum
which all have a loose Easter connection.


Customs that have become associated with Easter and are observed by both Christians and some non-Christians include eating chocolate Easter eggs, Easter parades, communal dancing, the Easter Bunny and egg hunting. Let's join the celebrations with some mathematics.


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Egg Box Investigation

Egg Box Investigation

In how many different ways can two eggs be arranged in an egg box?

Tessellating Bunnies

Tessellating Bunnies

The Easter bunny reproduces very quickly so that you can create a tessellating pattern of rabbits.

Coordinate Bunny

Coordinate Bunny

Plot the coordinates to reveal the Easter creature - very cute!

Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

Find the eggs in the maze than answer a multiple choice question to proceed.

Songkran Game

Songkran Game

People in Thailand have a holiday at this time of the year too but instead of celebrating Easter they enjoy Songkran.

Even Easter Bunnies

Even Easter Bunnies

Click on six Easter bunnies to leave an even number in each row and column.

Egg Timers

Egg Timer Puzzles

Use the two egg timers provided to time the cooking of a hard-boiled egg.

Systematic Easter Eggs

Systematic Easter Eggs

Drag the Easter eggs into the cells. There should be no more than one copy of each egg in any row or column.

Easter Logic Puzzle

Easter Logic Puzzle

Complete the table showing the facts about three women who like celebrating Easter.

Fried Eggs Riddle


I started with six eggs. I broke two eggs, I fried two eggs and I ate two eggs. How many eggs remain?


Eva's Eggs


Eva keeps chickens and one day was taking a basket of eggs to market. Work out how many eggs there were by reading this puzzle in the Newsletter.


Frobenius's Eggs


Maybe you could answer the question about Easter egg baskets that come holding either 5, 12, and 18 eggs. You can read about it in another edition of the Newsletter.


Easter Permutations


How many ways can the letters inEASTERbe arranged?

If you are not sure try this arranging activity first.

Graph Egg


Draw an egg-shaped graph using the arc of a circle and part of a parabola.

Graph Plotter

This is an advanced challenge

Volume of an Egg


If you have a measuring jug and a water supply how could you measure the volume of an egg?

Don't get the floor wet!

Egg-streme Fact


In 2007 the world's largest Easter egg hunt took place. 10,000 people hunted for 501,000 hidden eggs in Florida, USA [source Woman's Day].

How many eggs each (average)?

End of Term activities

End of Term

Teachers: Here are some ideas for activities for the last week of Term, before the Easter holidays begin.

Holiday activities

Holiday Activities

Students: Here are some ideas for activities you can do at home when the Easter holidays begin.

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