Fraction Line

Fraction Line

Question 1

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A fraction sorting activity which does not require Flash can be found here.


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Find your way through the maze encountering mathematical operations in the correct order to achieve the given total. This is an addictive challenge that begins easy but develops into quite a difficult puzzle.

Fraction Line Challenge

Here is a versions of a fractions sorting activity involving vulgar and decimal fractions. It can be used in different ways, by individuals or groups and with different levels of support (calculator, fraction wall chart etc).

Fractions can be compared by considering the meaning of the numerator and denominator values. A Fraction Wall may help. Alternatively the fractions could be converted to decimals for easier sorting with the help of the Decimals Line.

Vinculum is an online challenge for students in which they have to find a series of fractions each larger than the precious fraction but less than one.


There are many more fraction activities, visual aids and lesson starters on our Fractions topic page.

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