Justundera Quid

A Maths Starter of The Day

Justundera Quid bought some letters to make a word and they cost exactly one penny less than one pound.

£ A costs 1p
B costs 2p
C costs 3p

What do you think the word could have been?

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Topics: Starter | Arithmetic | Problem Solving

  • H Cunningham, Hockerill
  • Year Six (set L), St Francis School, Wilts England
  • Nick, Jordan, Ben, Scott,
  • 7A2,
  • letters
  • Tom Howe, Suffolk
  • We found out how much our names would cost and "Tom Howe" is worth 99p!
  • Chloe Crewe, Lake Middle School I.O.W
  • My word is "Yoyos"
  • Chloe, Faringdon
  • texting
  • Charlotte Bibbey, Haybridge High School, Hagley, WORCS
  • Worry = 99p!
    also YoYos
  • Bianca Littleton, Holden Lane Specialist Sports College
  • Zooming

    Enjoyable and lots of near misses
  • Nima Ismaelzadeh, London
  • amission
  • Sophie Middleditch, Farlingaye High School
  • My word is "texting" and I found it on my third try!
  • claire , doncaster
  • Leanne, Doncaster
  • Doncaster
  • Jay, Windmill Middle
  • certificate
  • Members of 7G and 7H, Farlingaye High School
  • Matthew Lennard and Lee Rice found "planners"
    Shelby Mayhew and Rowan Weakley found "fittest"
    Mahdi Khan found "booklets"
    Zoe Pamment found "yoyos"
    Craig Thurlow found "banger racing"
  • Abdi-Wali, A7
  • These are the words that I found: Answers, Explored
  • Jess, Windmill Middle School
  • George, John Willmott School Birmingham
  • Fractional, St. Illtyd's High School, Cardiff
  • Excellent activity
  • Mrs Albert, Henlow Middle School
  • Laura Hobday in my year 8 class found REFLECTING for 99p
  • Adam, Windmill Middle
  • Michael whitfield, Admin@pontelandcoates.northumberland.sch.uk
  • Words that add to 99p


    These 2 words seem to work.

    You need to change H and K letters.

    Great site !!!!!!!! Well done.
  • Lauren, Brocket school
  • We thoroughilty enjoyed this starter, although it took a little longer as they were enjoying doing it.
    The word we came up with was SPEECHMARK
  • Jack Olding, Farlingaye HS
  • A blacksmith found by jack of 7A
  • Lewis Allen, Halesworth Middle School
  • shorts

  • Joe Stobart, Halesworth Middle School
  • Answers
  • Julie Goodwin, Castle Vale School
  • Goodnight
  • "Name" "Worry" "PLANNERS" "SHORTS"
  • Scott Robertson, Grangemouth High
  • The guys and girls in Grangemouth High loved this activity coming up with wizards, hospital, printer, corridor, keyboards and my personal favourite Braveheart.
  • Mr Lambert's 1st Years, The Grange, Hartford
  • BARBADOS IS ACE makes 99p, which is good because we're going on a sports tour there next year.
  • Saint Benedict,
  • Texting and Letters
  • Darrick Wood, 8X2
  • Elephants, hospital and problems.
  • Gavin Dale, John Masefield
  • voters- 99p!!!
  • Gavin Dale, John Masefield
  • heptagonal- 99p!!!
  • Gavin Dale, John Masefield, Herefordshire
  • I have now found two word that equal 100!!

    they are....

    tweenies and gobbledegook!!
  • Jessica, Millais School
  • Sneezing, shirty, gymnast, shorts
  • Joshua, Lakes School
  • Thirty
  • Ben Doyle, Lake School
  • External
  • Sam, QMC
  • Worry!
  • Megan Haddaway, Cannock Chase High
  • My dad's name Stuart came to 99p
  • Central Foundation Girls' School, London E3 2AT, Fahmin Begum Ali
  • Letters
  • Jon Allsop, DHSB, Plymouth
  • Deferential
  • Shantell Murray, Hackney Free School
  • Popular
  • Vikki Marsh, Studley High School
  • I was the first one in my class to find the first word which adds up to 99. I'm PROUD!!
  • Georgina, Studley High School
  • Shorts
  • Flo, Dixons City Academy
  • Flo found the word 'worry'
  • Laura, England
  • Answers
  • Mrs Smith, The Leventhorpe School
  • Stuart Bergh in 7X/Ma1 found that his name 'Stuart' costs 99p !
  • Conor McClafferty, UK
  • LETTERS is worth 99p
  • Jodie, Herman Middle
  • explored

  • Taz Dray, Bennett Memorial School
  • Tazmanian because it's my name
  • Will and Charlie, John Masefield high school
  • squarer
  • Year 7, Coleridge Community College
  • Sami Ali has found SPIDERMAN
  • Year 8 set A1, John Masefield Ledbury
  • excellent
  • Brandon Simpson, George Spencer School
  • Wrigley
  • Upward Bound, Islington
  • We found the words LETTERS and BOTTLING
  • Holloway School, London
  • We Found the word "Donnors"
  • Beth, HMS
  • lipstick
  • Set 5B, Farsley Farfield Primary School in Leeds
  • Luke Dowgill found 'Wednesday' and Dylan Parle found 'stress'
  • T Astill, Bayhouse
  • Gymnast and laptops
  • Miss Benjamin, Orleans Pak
  • 10X2 at Orleans Park found this activity very exciting. We found TEXTING AND PLANNERS.
  • Nadine Stuart, Hackney Free
  • She has used her last name to come up with 99p- STUART!! Well done!
  • Year 9, Ecclesbourne school maths club
  • hutting
  • Year 9 set 3, SJB
  • SJB, year 9 set 3 came up with 'gestured' and 'cellulite'....and we are still trying!!!
  • Chloe Carpenter, Howard Middle School
  • 'Shorts'
    I found it after an hour!
  • kate greenlee, wycombe
  • 'le trips' is 99p but its kind of french;)
  • Tajinder, Gulleed, Yusuf, Nij, Featherstone High School 10Y1
  • Spiderman
  • 7X2, SJB
  • 7X2 at SJB found PLANNERS (Tim B-V), JUPITER (Elise F), PHYSICS (Tommy L) and STREAMER (Anna R)... we're still looking for more!!
  • Louise Summers, London
  • Decomposed
  • Class 3, Norton Sub Hamdon Primary
  • Popular and habitation
  • Class 3, Norton Primary
  • Explored
  • Charlotte, 10.2 Hadleigh High School, Suffolk
  • Toby Harvey, 10.2 Hadleigh High School, Suffolk
  • Christ the King, 9k2 Maths Class
  • EVERTON works but Liverpool doesn't!!
  • Bob, Worcester
  • Invincible

  • Sam Kinning, JSTC Alford
  • Natasha Snaith, The College High School Of Art
  • Daniel Fisher and Jack Fulcher, Acle High School
  • We found the word triples and the sum is 99.
  • y8Set3, Bolton Muslim Girls School
  • Purest
  • Year 10, Swakeleys School
  • Revolve
  • Andrew Muir, 4Y1 Cults
  • Mrs Smith, The Leventhorpe School
  • Lydia Reed found the word 'Letters' costs 99p.

    Millie Parrish found the word 'shorts' costs 99p.

    Both girls are in 7YMa2
  • Charlie Sanderson, St Margaret's Junior School, England
  • Surgeon
  • Emma Parker, Papanui High, Christchurch, NZ
  • Snowman
  • Courtney Self, The Sholing Technology College
  • Pollys
  • Ryan 'Ryzer', Aberdeen
  • Pip Mears, Berkley Normal Middle School. Hamilton. New Zealan
  • David Wang and Sam Holmes found the answer ...'exactly'.
  • Class 9Y2, Hadleigh High School Suffolk
  • We have found; BATTERIES, POPULAR
  • Miss Harding, Robert May's School
  • 'Spiderman' was found by one of my year 9 students.
  • Stanley School of Technology, Co Durham
  • Snowman
  • Emmanuel Agyapong, London
  • The answer is TREETOP
  • Jessica Graham, Peafield Lane Primary School
  • Slowing
  • Emily Rice, Cardiff
  • My name = 99p!
  • 7G, TWGGS
  • Robyn from 7G at TWGGS found "THIRTEEN"

    Emily PATTENDEN found her surname

    Imogen found INVOLVE
  • Mark Flint, Cannock Chase High School
  • 9-2-6 came up with SPIDERMAN
  • Iram Patel, BMGS
  • I have the following words

  • 7Q2, Swanmore College of Technology
  • 'Pointy' was the answer that 7Q2 found in 10 minutes!
  • Lottie Hughes , Frieth C.E.C School
  • 'Treetop' Works
  • Miss O, Lime And Lilac Class
  • Year 4 maths were able to come up with
  • Jamie Chappell, Huddersfield
  • Octopus = 99.
  • Mrs Simpson, Torry Acadmeny, Aberdeen
  • Aaron from 3M2 found "Stuart" and "Dazzling".
  • Maltby Comp - Y8's, Rotherham
  • Big Elephant!
    Well done Natasha!
  • Abi, Tideway
  • Yoyos.
  • Connaught Junior School, Year 4 Top Set
  • Everton (English Premier League football team)
  • 8B1 (apart From John And Kev Who Can't Add), Southmoor, Sunderland
  • Snowman.
  • Mrs.Smith, Oldfields Hall Middle School
  • Elephants and hospital are 100p not 99p.
  • Tom And Hannah, Pool, Cornwall Age 8
  • A postman.
  • Jade Farrier,
  • Gymnast.
  • Ellie Bamber, St Thomas More, Buxton
  • Ellie has found Laptops.
  • Stuart And Farley, Garforth Community College , Leeds
  • "Stuart" and "Residente" which is Spanish!
  • 7T, Bury Church Of England High School, Bury
  • After using this for 2 lessons we found 'zooming' and 'letters' that have been found before, and also 'nonagons'
    Good Starter!
  • Miss Timmins, Pent Valley School
  • Thirteen!!!
    From Yr 8 Benz Pent Valley.
  • Lydia Edwards, Harrytown Catholic High School
  • Lydia Edwards from form 7H at Harrytown High School in Stockport found "LAPTOPS".
  • 9k1, Christ The King
  • We found threepence and evenchances.
  • Owls Class, Guston CE Primary School, Dover
  • We enjoyed exploring our names and discovering that those with the most letters did not necessarily give the highest score. We found 'UV light' and 'letters' added up to 99p.
  • Amy Lawson, 8W
  • Amy Lawson in harrytown catholic high school bredbury stockport found:
  • Nicole Robertson,
  • Octopus.
  • Primary 4-7, Lochgoilhead Primary School
  • We found the name of our village LOCHGOILHEAD.
    Also Timmy's (if you allow apostrophes).
  • Mr L, Bromley
  • My class found the word Physics, aren't they little stars!
  • Hayley And Becca, Rose Bridge, Wigan
  • "Texting" and "Popular" from the RB massive.
  • Suli, Cheney School
  • Jugglers.
  • Hannah, Hangleton Junior School
  • Artistic
  • Jordan Stubbs, Rickmansworth School (Y10)
  • I found "Vitamin K", despite not knowing what it actually was!
  • Mr Regan, Northants
  • We found that one of our pupils names was 99p. Verity.
  • Luke P, Our Lady Of Compassion Formby
  • Stuart.
  • Charlotte, Olivia, Josh And Alison, Grafton
  • We found letters and triples. This was a fun starter.
  • H Laycock, 8W2
  • 8W2 from Walbottle found 'whitehall' and the phrase 'twig harm' which came from trying our names and then rearranging them to find a phrase involving real words - for example Wightman.
  • Mrs Smith, Kesteven And Grantham Girls School
  • Yasmin Rymer in 7Bg found the word 'LETTERS'.
    It took 20mins of the whole class searching before Yasmin found it!
  • Vicky And Kayleigh, The Voyager School
  • Laptops is worth 99.
  • Razim Wasti, 8NGW
  • Jupiter.
  • Aisha,
  • Matthew Hatcher, Felsted Primary School
  • Wrangles,strangled,.
  • Chloe Packer, Colmers - 9R
  • Spiderman Spiderman does what ever a spider does. Spiderman = 99.
  • Kirstie Roberts, Colmers, 9A
  • I'm walking in the air! Snowman = 99.
  • Jake Wade, Colmers, 7R
  • Jake found his music teacher, Mrs Green = 99p.
  • Sam Harrison, Honley High, Huddersfield
  • TENTACLES works well!
  • Tom Pandis, Colmers, 7R
  • Tom opened his eyes to find that eye lashes = 99p.
  • Jessica Pickering, Colmers, 7R
  • Jessica found a life saving word. Heart beats = 99p.
  • Evie In 7y1, Eaton Bank School
  • We came across your list and we don't believe CARNIVALS in there!
  • Tom Pandis, Colmers 7R
  • Tom's dad is greek and his name panagoty = 99p.
  • Mr Pouney, The Vyne Community School
  • Year 10 say dyslexia works.
  • Bryony, Yr 4 Banks Lane Junior
  • My name Bryony came to 99p on my first try.
    Great activity!
  • Mrs Smith, Kesteven And Grantham Girls School
  • Rachel Haldenby found 'injection'
    Laura Smith found 'planners'
    Tara McDaid-Sly found her name 'TaraLillie'
    Sarah Hall found 'dropping'.
  • IG2, Westwood International School
  • Eyelashes from Leah
    microsofa from Stephanie
    octopus from Gorata
    settler from Tefo.
  • Erin, Home
  • Hi jupiter was my answer.
  • James Martin, Oak Lodge Primary School
  • Our only successful word was "Pruning.".
  • Anna's Class, Alfred Salter Primary School
  • We found 'Lynxes' plural of lynx. We liked this activity!
  • Thomas, Linhope
  • Zulus.
  • Arna Wrigley, St Peter's College
  • Thought.
  • Dylan, Forest School
  • Xylophone.
  • 8x1 Sam & Chris, Nunnery Wood High School
  • The word is 'pippins'.
  • Fulbrook Middle School, Set 1 Year 5
  • Dumbledore is 99p.
  • Emmanuel, Wilmslow High School
  • Physics!
  • 7 Boys, Shenfield High School
  • We found laptops and Stuart.
  • Year 7 Set 1 Maths, Retford Oaks High School
  • Letters
  • Faye, Ripley
  • Applepies.
  • Mary Hutchings, Oxford
  • Startled.
  • Oliver, Caereinion H S
  • Letters.
  • James And Edward, Aldro
  • Macaroons
    cost 99p on 5th July.
  • Mrs Biddle, Wadebridge, Cornwall
  • One of my Year 8 students is worth 99p - ABBIE DAWN RICH.
  • Year 6, Cottam, Preston.
  • We enjoyed this activity and found judgement and snowman. We also found that a boy in our class added up to 99p!
  • St Albans Girls School, St Albans
  • From 7B Kirsten Parker, "cupboards" = 99p;
    From 7A Phoebe Steer and Amy Brunton 7J, "yoyos";
    From 7A Nadia Farahabadi, "laptops".
  • Mrs Humphreys' Year 5 Maths Group, Nevill Road Juniors, Stockport
  • We found CLUTTER.
  • Lorraine Price, York
  • Dyslexia.
  • 9R1a, Prince William School Oundle
  • We found LETTERS.
  • Chase Caswell, Bushey
    (kim failed).
  • Ms Davies, Bushey
  • Streaky as in streaky bacon.
  • Mr Payne, Bishopstrow College
  • The Primary group from Bishopstrow College, Warminster, Wilts found
  • Joe And Josh, Fleet Wood Lane
  • Sometime is worth 99p!
  • Donna-marie Rea And Ella-rose Rea, Shawcough Cp School
  • Letters jupiter yoyo servent.
  • Kate, Surrey
  • I found one it was ..........answers.
  • Lara, Maidstone Girls Grammar School
  • Lara Palmer of MGGS got Bolognaise.
  • Charlotte, Maidstone Girls Grammar School
  • My word is Dumbledore !!!
  • Rosie D, HYTHE
  • I found
    Subjects,drumming,garden fork,letters,,posting,shavings worry and eardrums.
  • Mr Bower And 7M, Moulsford Prep
  • We found Judgement and Roberta
  • Brandon Morgan, St Malachy's Castlewellan
  • I found Wednesday and won 99p!!
  • Anna, South Dartmoor, Ashburton
  • Anna in 8y found gymnast.
  • 7s/Ma1, Ashton Park School
  • We came up with
    STRUNG - Samson
    SLOWING - Will
    LETTERS - Adam
    SUITING - Santiago
    TEXTING - Ralph and James
    and YOYOS collectively.
  • Mr A Khan, Ryburn Valley High School
    Beat that!
  • 7t3, Tadcaster Grammar School
  • We found the word BOOMBASTIC.
    From 7t3 and Mr. Case.
  • Mrs Stott, Cedar Hall School
  • Mitchell found: A Chess Set for 99p.
  • 9P2, Mashalls Park
  • 9p2 Marshalls Park School
    We found Disgust.
  • B Gordon, CVHS
  • Year 10 Chelmer Valley found Injection and Cupboards.
  • Mrs Barnett, Bredon Hill Middle School
  • Year 6 girls came up with 'stinging'.
  • Aliah And Danielle, Bjs
  • Our words are dumbledore and yoyos.
  • Kitty, Him Sc
  • Farhia, Blair Peach Primary YR6
  • Jupiter.
  • N Chaudhri, Wilmslow
  • We found strudle , answers & popular!
  • Miss Patel, WHS
  • Lauren Farrimond - SEVENTEEN
    Joshua Taylor - YOYOS
    Westhoughton High School
    Year 7a1.
  • Hafsa, Avenue Primary School
  • Snowman.
  • Ermine Primary Academy, Lincoln
  • Harry and Ugne both found the word Snowman.
  • Sandy, United Kingdom
  • We found the word Jupiter!
    Quite hard but otherwise a really good challenge!
  • Samuel And Abi, Year 5 At Queen Edith School
  • We found that the word TYRANT works to make 99.
  • Tudor Grange Academy Worcester, 8y1
  • Subjects.
  • Christopher Boyle, St James's
  • I found prescore, enjoying and rockabyes! Great starter!
  • Sam Harvey Jack Tom,
  • Thirteen.

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Laptops In Lessons

Teacher, do your students have access to computers?
Do they have iPads or Laptops in Lessons?

Whether your students each have a TabletPC, a Surface or a Mac, this activity lends itself to eLearning (Engaged Learning).

Laptops In Lessons

Here a concise URL for a version of this page without the comments.


Here is the URL which will take them to a student activity called 'Letter Sums'.


Student Activity

Extension :: Primewords

Now the prices of the letters are defined by prime numbers (A = 2, B = 3, C = 5 etc) and the price of a word is the product of the letters it contains.

For example the word BAD costs 3 × 2 × 7 = 42p.


What mathematical words might cost:





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