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This activity comprises of five challenges each one requiring you to type in one more fraction than the previous challenge and each starting with a different fraction. The starting fractions are one tenth, one quarter, one third, one half and four sevenths.

Herding Sheep - A Maths Challenge

This activity provides a practical introduction to the topic of loci.

Drag the images of sheep so that their position conforms to the 'Situation' described in the panel at the top left of the page. Click the 'Check' button in the panel at the top right of the page to see how many of the sheep are in the correct place.

A tick or a cross on each sheep will show you how well you are doing. Move the incorrectly positioned sheep then press the 'Check' button again. When all ten sheep are in the correct position press the 'Next' button that will appear.

There is a limit to how accurately the system can check your placings due to screen resolution and browser differences. A degree of tolerance is built into the system.

You may wish to take a screen shot of your successful attempts to keep for future reference in your notes.

Many of the principles of loci are covered in this interactive exercise. [In mathematics, a locus (plural: loci) is a set of all points whose location satisfies or is determined by one or more specified conditions.]

See also People Loci and Goat Grazing.

The sheep are outstanding in their field.


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