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Bar chart showing the number of bars of chocolate sold.

What is the total number of chocolate bars sold during the week?

What is the mean number of sales per day?

What is the modal frequency?

What is the median number of sales per day?

What is the range of sales?

Sketch a similar bar chart showing Tuesday as the best sales day and the mean and range both 4.

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  • Mr Gray, Oldmachar
  • Would have been a good activity but we couldn't get the whole graph displayed on the screen/white board
  • Transum,
  • Thanks for your feedback Mr Gray. The graph is designed to be as big as possible while still fitting on an 800x600 resolution screen. Use the browser controls to zoom out then press the F11 key to hide the toolbars.
  • Karen, Folkestone
  • Have used and is a good starter, however blue does not display well in my classroom - any chance of option to change colour?
  • Mr Jackson, Saint Bedes Redhill
  • My year 7's really enjoyed this starter it made them think, thank you.
  • Jordan, Year 6 Charnwood Primary School, Lichfield
  • This was really good. Most people remembered mode, mean and range.
  • Gillian Miskell, Picton, NZ
  • I would love to see something like this but with dot plots, as we use those extensively to lead on to box and whisker.

    [Transum: Thanks for your feedback Gillian. I am not sure that I can help with the dot plots but don't miss the exercises called Box Plots]
  • Kelly, North Carolina
  • The graph should be able to be moved on a touch screen.

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