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Wordle Wordle Wordle Wordle Wordle Wordle Wordle
Wordle Wordle Wordle
Wordle Wordle Wordle Wordle Wordle Wordle Wordle

Can you think of some more?

Here are some ideas:

Axis of symmetry, cancel, cancellation, centre of enlargement, classify, cube, cube number, deduce, depth, dice, direct proportion, distributive, divide, division, equidistant, estimate of the mean/median, expressions, face, frequency chart, function, hypotenuse, index, indices, interrogate, intersecting, intersection, inverse function, justify, kite, parallelogram, rectangle, linear equation, linear function, map, mass: gram, kilogram; ounce, maximum/minimum point, object, image, origin, plan view, probability, proportional, prove, proof, quartiles, questionnaire, quotient, region, rotation symmetry, row, column, sample, scale, scale factor, sign change key, simplify, simplest form, simultaneous equations, symbol, (tan), add, addition, adjacent, opposite, hypotenuse, algebra, algebraic expression, alternate angles, amount, and, or, angle of depression, angle of elevation, angle: acute, obtuse, right, reflex, angles at a point, angles on a straight line, answer, approximate, approximately, approximately equal, arc, area: square millimetre, square, arithmetic sequence, associative, average, axis of rotation symmetry, axis, axes, axis, axes, bar chart, bar-line graph, base angles, bearing, three-figure bearing, best estimate, between, bias, biased, billion, bisect, bisector, brackets, brackets, calculate, calculation, calculator: clear, display, enter, millilitre, centilitre, litre, census, centimetre, square metre, centre, centre of rotation, century, millennium, certain, change (money), chord, circle, circumcentre, circumcircle, circumference, circumscribed, class interval, collect like terms, common factor, common factor, commutative, commutative, compare, compasses, complementary angles, complements (in 10, 100), compound interest, concave, convex, conclude, conclusion, congruent, congruent, congruence, consecutive, consecutive, constant, construct, construction lines, continue, continuous, convention, convert, coordinate pair, coordinate point, coordinates, coordinates, corresponding angles, cost price, selling price, counter-example, cross-section, cube root, cubed, cubic centimetre, cubic metre, cubic equation, cubic expression, cubic function, cumulative frequency, currency, curve, cylinder, hemisphere, prism,, data collection sheet, data log, data, grouped data, database, decimal fraction, decimal number, decimal place, definition, degree, degree of accuracy, degrees Fahrenheit, density, derived property, diagonal, diagram, diameter, difference, difference pattern, digit, direction, discount, discrete, displacement, distance, distance–time graph, distribution, divisible, divisibility, divisor, double, halve, doubt, draw, edge (of solid), elevation, enlarge, enlargement, equal (sides, angles), equally likely, equals,  equation, equivalent, equivalence, estimate, evaluate, even chance, event, evidence, exact, exactly, exceptional case, exchange rate, exhaustive, expand the product, experiment, experimental probability, explain, explore, exponent, expression, exterior angle, factor, factor, factorise, factorise, fair, unfair, fifty-fifty chance, finite, infinite, first/second difference, flow chart, foot, yard, formula, formulae, fraction, frequency, frequency diagram, function machine, general term, generate, good chance, gradient, graph, greater than, less than , greater than or equal to, greatest value, least value, grid, hectare, height, high, heptagon, highest common factor (HCF), horizontal, vertical, identical, identically equal, identity, identity function, increase, decrease, increase, decrease, independent, index, index law, index law, index notation, inequality, input, output, inscribed, integer, intercept, interest, interior angle, interpret, interquartile range, intersect, intersection, interval, inverse, inverse mapping, investigate, isometric, key, memory,, label, length: millimetre, centimetre, less than or equal to, likelihood, likely, unlikely, limit, line graph, line of best fit, line of symmetry, line symmetry, line, line segment, linear expression, linear relationship, linear sequence, locus, loci, lowest common multiple (LCM), lowest terms, mapping, maximum/minimum value, mean, measure, median, method, metre, kilometre; mile, mid-point, mirror line, mixed number, mode, modal class/group, most/least significant digit, multiple, multiply out (expressions), multiply, multiplication, mutually exclusive, nearest, nearly, negative, net, descending, no chance, notation, notation, probability, numerator, denominator, octagon, operation, opposite (sides, angles), order, order of operations, order of rotation symmetry, origin, outcome, parallel, partition, percentage, perimeter, perpendicular, perpendicular, perpendicular bisector, pi, pie chart, pint, gallon, place value, plan, plane, plane, plane of symmetry, plane symmetry, plus, minus, point, polygon: pentagon, hexagon,, poor chance, population pyramid, position, positive, possible, impossible, pound, power, predict, pressure, primary source, prime, prime factor, prime factor decomposition, probability scale, probable, problem, product, profit, loss, projection, proper/improper fraction, property, proportion, proportionality, protractor (angle measurer), prove, prove, proof, prove, proof, pyramid, square-based pyramid,, Pythagoras’ theorem, quadrant, quadratic equation, quadratic expression, quadratic function, quadratic sequence, quadrilateral: arrowhead, delta,, radius, random, range, ratio, raw data, reason, reasons, reciprocal, recurring decimal, reflect, reflection, reflection symmetry, region, region, regular, irregular, relationship, rule, relative frequency, remainder, represent, representative, results, rhombus, square, trapezium, risk, rotate, rotation, rough, roughly, round, ruler, sale price, sample, sample space, scale drawing, scalene, right-angled, scatter graph, second, secondary source, section, sector, segment, self-inverse, sequence, service charge, set square, shape, side, sign, sign, significant figures, similar, similarity, similar, similarity, simplest form, sine (sin), cosine (cos), tangent, sketch, slope, solid shape: cube, cuboid, solution, solve, solve (an equation), speed: miles per hour, metres per, sphere, tetrahedron, spin, spinner, square kilometre, square number, squared, square root, squared, standard (index) form, statistic, statistics, steepness, stem-and-leaf diagram, straight edge, straight-line graph, subject of the formula, substitute, subtract, subtraction, sum, supplementary angles, surface, surface area, survey, symmetrical, table, take out common factors, tally, tangent, tax, temperature: degrees Celsius,, tenth, hundredth, thousandth, term, term, terminating decimal, tessellate, tessellation, theoretical probability, theory, therefore, three-dimensional, time: second, minute, hour, day, to one decimal place (to 1 d.p.), to the power of n, tonne, total, transform, transformation, translate, translation, tree diagram, triangle: equilateral, isosceles,, triangular number, triangular prism, true, false, two-dimensional, two-way table, uncertain chance, unit fraction, unitary method, unknown, upper bound, lower bound, value, value, value added tax (VAT), variable, verify, verify, vertex, vertices, vertically opposite angles, view, volume: cubic millimetre,, week, month, year, decade, width, x-axis, y-axis, x-axis, y-axis, x-coordinate, y-coordinate, x-coordinate, y-coordinate, zero.


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  • Transum,
  • Please let Transum know if any of your pupils produce something interesting as a result of this starter. Their work can be displayed on this page. It is hoped that your pupils can gain a better understanding of some mathematical concepts by doing this activity and that they will remember what they have learned about these concepts for a long time because of this unusual way of thinking about mathematics.
  • JW, Luton
  • Realised I could use this to prompt meaning of unfamiliar words/phrases, and maybe use the same idea to get the students to produce wall displays - to help them in class, and other students too.
  • Transum,
  • As an alternative to the 'Can you think of some more?' challenge, this activity could be turned into a memory game. Pupils could be asked to look at the animation at the top of this page for two minutes while they try to memorise as many of the Wordles as possible. The projector is then turned off (blacked out) and the pupils are challenges to draw as many of the Wordles as they can remember. The extension activity could then be 'Can you think of some more?'.

How did you use this starter? Can you suggest how teachers could present or develop this resource? Do you have any comments? It is always useful to receive feedback and helps make this free resource even more useful for Maths teachers anywhere in the world.
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