Starting With 'R'

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Write down as many mathematical words as possible that begin with the letter "R".

The Letter R

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  • Transum,
  • When the students have had 5 minutes to think of their words, they could all stand up behind their chairs. Going around the class, each student calls out a word they have found beginning with the given letter. A student who doesn’t have a word which hasn’t already been called out sits down. The last student to remain standing is the winner.
  • 7X3 Miss Donaghey, Murray Park, Derby
  • We have found six, seven, sixteen, seventeen, sixty, seventy, seven hundred, seven thousand, seven million, sixty one, sixty two, sixty three.....seventy one, seventy two, etc.....
    symmetry, shape, simplify, square, scalene, summary, sequence, sphere, statistics, sum, subtract, star, solve, squared, size
    7x3 say "this was great!"

    Holly B found 41 words!!
  • Alexandra Park School, 8ps/Ma3
  • We found (not including numbers):
    secondary, symmetry, solve, sequence, shape, simplift, sum, substitute, smallest, share, squared, semi circle, sphere, subtract, square root, scalene, statistics, stem, star, survey.
  • Alexandra Park School, 10m4
  • We got:
    subtraction, space, substitution, shape, simplify, surds, scatter graphs, solve, size, side, salary, stem and leaf, sphere, statistics, similarity, sequence, symmetrical, surface area, square root, square number, significant figures and straight line!
  • Miss Vine, Meols Cop High School
  • We got 34 words, without repeating any of them.
  • Firs Class, Totton
  • We had over 100 words between us in the class!

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