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Use the concepts and vocabulary of expressions, equations, inequalities, terms and factors.

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It was Monday morning and Sam sat down at his normal desk in the classroom. The teacher, Miss Tayke, wrote out the following Correct Wrong on the white board.

8x - 4 = 12

Sam could see that the Correct Wrong on the left side of the equals sign had two Correct Wrong which had a common Correct Wrong . He could think of two ways of solving this Correct Wrong . He could add 4 to both sides or he could factorise the left side.

All of a sudden the teacher exclaimed "Gosh! I've made a mistake. What I should have witten on the board was..."

8x - 4 > 12

Sam wondered how he should solve this Correct Wrong . He remembered that multiplying both sides by a negative number would have the effect of reversing the Correct Wrong sign but that is all he could remember.

Miss Tayke reassured that class by saying that this Correct Wrong can be solved in the same way you would solve a simple Correct Wrong .
"Adding four to both sides gives...".

8x > 16

"Now divide both sides by the common Correct Wrong of 8 to produce this solution."

x > 2

Sam could now see that any value of x bigger than 2 would satisfy the inequality that Miss Tayke had written on the board.



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Here are definitions of the words used in this activity.


A variable, function, or some combination of constants, variables or functions.


One of the parts composing an expression.


A statement asserting the equality of two expressions that are separated into left and right sides and joined by an equal sign.


A statement that two quantities are unequal indicated by the symbol by the symbol < signifying that the first quantity is less than the second, or by the symbol > signifying that the second quantity is greater than the first.


One of two or more terms whose product is another term or expression.

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