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Simultaneous Equations Starters:

Boxing Day

Work out the contents and the cost of the Christmas boxes from the given clues.

Light Shopping

A lamp and a bulb together cost 32 pounds. The lamp costs 30 pounds more than the bulb. How much does the bulb cost?


Find the dimensions of a rectangle given the perimeter and area.


Five numbers are added together in pairs and the sums shown. What might the five numbers be?

Planet Numpair

The sum and product are given, can you find the two numbers?

Rabbits and Chickens

There are some rabbits and chickens in a field. Calculate how many of each given the number of heads and feet.

Rail Weigh

Use the weights of the trains to work out the weight of a locomotive and a coach. A real situation which produces simultaneous equations.

Refreshing Revision

It is called Refreshing Revision because every time you refresh the page you get different revision questions.

Same Same

A problem involving two people's ages which can be solved using algebra.

Santa's Sleigh

Work out the number of clowns and horses given the number of heads and feet.

Simultaneous Occasions

A problem which can best be solved as a pair of simultaneous equations.

Sum of the Signs

Each traffic sign stands for a number. Some of the sums of rows and columns are shown. What numbers might the signs stand for?

Summer Holidays

How many children and how many donkeys are on the beach? You can work it out from the number of heads and the number of feet!

Two Numbers

Find the two numbers whose sum and product are given.

Advanced Simultaneous Equations Starters



Algebra In Action

Algebra In Action

Real life problems adapted from an old Mathematics textbook which can be solved using algebra.

Pentadd Quiz

Pentadd Quiz

Find the five numbers which when added or multiplied together in pairs to produce the given sums or products.

Recurring Decimals

Recurring Decimals

Change recurring decimals into their corresponding fractions and vica versa.

Simultaneous Equations

Simultaneous Equations

A self-marking, multi-level set of exercises on solving pairs of simultaneous equations.

Simultaneous Shopping

Simultaneous Shopping

Find the cost of the individual items in shopping baskets (introduction to simultaneous equations).

Simultaneous Solutions

Simultaneous Solutions

Arrange the given pairs of simultaneous equations in groups to show whether they have no solution, one solution or infinite solutions.

Three Unknowns

Three Unknowns

Solve these sets of three simultaneous, linear equations to find the values of the variables.



Some picture grid puzzles which can be solved by using simultaneous equations.

Using Graphs

Using Graphs

Use the graphs provided and create your own to solve both simultaneous and quadratic equations.

Window View

Window View

Drag the 20 flowers into the gardens so that 9 flowers are visible from each window of the house.


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