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"It's quite hard to read the names of the people in the photograph so here they are again:

37th Wolverhampton Sea Scouts 30th January 1981:

Back Row (left to right): Neal Quinton (Instructor), John Tranter (Scout
Leader "No. 1"), Andrew Quinton, Steven Hopkins (P.L.), Peter Grocutt, Robert
Bood (P.L.), Andrew Adey (P.L.), David Onions (P.L.), Paul Smith, Andrew Denner,
Nigel Blount (Assistant Scout Leader, "Bosun"), Stuart Barnes (Instructor).
Middle Row: David Ashton, Adrian Goodall, David Pope, Mark Williams, Nick
Jones, Mark Bood, David Evans, Barry Fisher, Richard Casey, Andrew Powell, Ian
Jones, Stuart Farley, Ian Walters, Richerd Tyler, Stephen Hateley.
Front Row: Paul Mckellop, Andrew Peek, Michael Peters, Steven Denton, Michael
????, Peter Cheese, Robert Cunningham, Iain Graham, Andrew Tipple, Gary
Williams, Andrew Johnston, Paul Barnes, Simon Terry."

John Tranter,
Sunday, July 27, 2008


"The ????? on the front row is Micheal O'Neil I think. Excellent job you've done......."

Monday, July 28, 2008


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