Hexblock Hunter

Red Arrow Blue Arrow Red Target Blue Target

Welcome to Hexblock Hunter. This is a game for two players or teams. One is red; the other is blue.

The objective of the game is to clain hexagons by typing in mathematical words described by the clues. The winner is the first player to claim a continuous path of hexagons from their arrow to their target.

Player 1:

Player 2:


The clue goes here

Correct Wrong



You can claim a trophy for winning this game.

A mathematical vocabulary game inspired by TV's famous Blockbusters programme suitable for pupils in Secondary or High schools.


Players take it in turns to click on letters in the hexagonal tessellation above. A clue will be given for a mathematical word beginning with the chosen letter. The player has to spell the word correctly to win that hexagon.

Hexagons claimed will change colour; red for Player 1 and blue for Player 2. The winner is the first player to claim a continuous path of hexagons from their arrow to their target.

In the case of neither player being able to create a path between their arrow and target a draw is declared. You could decide to declare the winner as the player that has claimed most hexagons bearing in mind that there are an odd number of hexagons so Player 1 would have a slight advantage.


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Thursday, April 26, 2018

"Although this game is designed for two players (or two teams) it can also be used as an individual challenge. For example the teacher could set a class the challenge to claim all of the hexagons on the board without allowing a continuous path of same-colour hexagons to be created between arrows and corresponding targets. Pupils may be allowed to look up (either in their text book or on the web) the words they are not sure how to spell or ask for help with topics that have not yet studied."

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