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Digital Darts

An online darts game for one or two players requiring skill, strategy and mental arithmetic.

Player 1: Start Timer30 seconds.


Welcome to the Digital Darts Game

Each turn you have 30 seconds to throw three darts. You then have to add up your scores, type in the total then subtract that total from your score.

The first player to reduce their score to zero is the winner.

Player 1:

Player 2:

Number of players:




You can claim a trophy for winning this game.

This is a game that can be played by one or two players or teams. It involves skill, timing and the ability to mentally add and subtract numbers.

Players take it in turns to throw three darts at the board. The scores are then added and finally subtracted from the game total. The first person to reduce their game total to zero is the winner.

The red circle at the centre of the board is called the bull's eye. You score 50 for getting a dart to land in this circle. Around that is a slightly larger circle which scores 25.

Their are two thin rings on the board for which the sector score is either doubled or trebled. Double means multiply by two. Treble means multiply by three.

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Number of seconds per turn:

Game total for each player:

Must get exactly zero to finish

International darts rules also require you to finish with a double but it has been decided that that would be too difficult for this game.

Playing a game requiring some mental arithmetic is much more fun that working through a traditional exercise.

There are many other games on the Transum website requiring players to practise their numeracy skills. Have a look at the Mental Methods topic page.

Mental Methods

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