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Well done for taking the time to practise the times tables. You should practise regularly and always aim to improve on your personal best.

Take note of the question that took you longest to answer. Can you think of a way of remembering that answer for quicker recall next time? Can you learn from your fastest answer? Do you have a trick for remembering that table fact so quickly? Here is a printable form to write your Tips For Remembering on.

The average time taken to answer the twenty times table questions in TablesMaster is seconds.

There are other activities that will help you improve your mastery of the times tables. They can be found on our Times Tables page.

QuotientMaster and Tablesmaster are a great way to practise your times tables. Use them every day to help improve your numeracy skills, mathematical proficiency and mental strength. Here is a printable page on which you can record your personal best times for completing times tables activities.

This program is intended for upper Secondary/High school pupils/students for regular practice of those important table facts long after they first learnt them in Primary school. More Times Table practice activities can be found on our Times Tables page but if it is a mixed tables activity you need try Beat The Clock.

The data collected by the Tablesmaster program has produced some interesting Statistics which may help teachers focus learning on the more difficult or hard to remember multiplication facts.


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