Multiplication Facts Statistics

Multiplication Facts Statistics

The table below shows the average (mean) time in seconds taken to answer times tables questions (multiplication facts) by people who have answered 20 times tables questions in less than 100 seconds in total and who chose to have their data recorded on the high score chart.


The above data has been collected from the last 100000 attempts. The numbers to the left of the rows show the times table attempted and the numbers at the top of the columns show the multipliers presented to the user in random order.

The following shows the average (mean) time taken by the last one hundred thousand people to have attempted Tablesmaster, answered the twenty questions in less than 300 seconds and claimed a Transum Trophy.

44 seconds Number of Seconds
49 seconds Number of Seconds
55 seconds Number of Seconds
50 seconds Number of Seconds
52 seconds Number of Seconds
54 seconds Number of Seconds
57 seconds Number of Seconds
55 seconds Number of Seconds
10  39 seconds Number of Seconds
11  34 seconds Number of Seconds
12  56 seconds Number of Seconds
13  69 seconds Number of Seconds

The above data has been collected from the last one hundred thousand attempts.

The Tablesmaster program can be found here.

The program is intended for upper Secondary/High school pupils/students for regular practice of those so important tables long after they have learned when they were younger. More multiplication facts practice activities can be found on our Times Tables page.

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