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Mental Arithmetic Speed Calculations.

This is challenge number . You can earn a trophy if you complete all five challenges.

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Without using a calculator or writing anything down you are challenged to do the calculations in your head.

There are five multi-step calculations and you have a minute to do each one. If you can do all five you will be awarded a trophy.

Good Luck!

The calculations have been chosen carefully. They are sums that have caught many people out in the past. Even adults have got the answers wrong so think carefully and don't be put off if you get them wrong first time.

The reason it is easy to make a mistake is because each calculation includes a 'carry'. If you do the calculation on paper you will see that when adding up one of the columns of digits the total is ten. This involves adding one to the next column to the left and when trying to do this in your head it is easy to put that one in the wrong column.

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Classic Mistake!

Aha! You have made the same mistake that so many other people have made. The answer is not . We though we might catch you out so don't be worried.

If you do the calculation with pencil and paper you should be able to see that you have carried one into the wrong column.



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