Pyramid Puzzle

Put the numbers 1 to 5 in the bottom row of this pyramid. They can be arranged in any order. The numbers in the other bricks are found by adding the two bricks immediately below together. What arrangement of the numbers in the bottom row gives the largest total in the top brick of the pyramid?

What arrangement gives the
smallest total in the top brick
of the pyramid?

A pyramid puzzle worksheet is available here

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  • Claire Erving, Clapham
  • Loved this starter - worked for a wide range of ages and abilities. I also extended it by getting the pupils to multiply - though you do get an answer in millions!
  • Sue Johnson,
  • Excellent preparation for Yr 7 equation work See Badger Starters and Constructing Linear Equations pack
  • class 5 6 a, St Catherines
  • A really fun way to start the day!
  • Simon Sandys, Northwood College
  • My students showed me that the logical way to get the highest score is to put 5 in the middle so that you are maximising the highest number and 1 and 2 on the sides so that you are minimising their effects. The opposite, of course, to find the lowest number.
  • Teacher Paul, Dublin Ireland
  • My Year 5 class loved this starter..Worked great together in small groups..
  • Neve - Year 6, Charnwood Primary Lichfield
  • A good starter as it got my brain working!
  • Poppy Larn, Dorking
  • This is a great website!
  • Mr Draper, Harrogate
  • This puzzle was challenging, fun and got everyone in my year 5 class thinking. One pupil described it as 'mind-boggling'!
  • Neve, Hothfield Junior School
  • We did this at school and it was really fun. I was able to get the smallest and the largest and it is really fun to experiment with.
  • Yazan Alamer, Dubai International Academy
  • I loved that starter challenge. It was so fun and helped me with my maths skills.
  • Maths Brainy Badgers, United Kingdom
  • We found this fun. Charlie was very logical and managed to find the biggest number.

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