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Ratio: Level 7

Use ratio notation, reduce a ratio to its simplest form and divide a given quantity into a number of parts in proportion to a given ratio.

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This is level 7; Using ratios in real life. You can earn a trophy if you get at least 9 questions correct.

1. A recipe requires mixing flour and sugar in the ratio 7:2 by volume. How much sugar will be required to mix with 21 cups of flour? cups Correct Wrong

2. The ratio of the number of red cubes to the total number of small plastic cubes in a classroom is 3:14. How many red cubes are there if there are 560 cubes altogether in the classroom?

Correct Wrong

3. The number of supporters of two teams at a football match are in the ratio of 5:3. Calculate the number of supporters of the smaller team as a percentage of the number of supporters of the larger team. % Correct Wrong

4. Hot dog rollsHot dog rolls come in packets of 6
Hot dog sausages come in tins of 8
What ratio of packets of rolls to tins of sausages should I buy to ensure nothing will be left over when making hot dogs (one sausage in each roll)? Give your answer as a ratio in its simplest form.Hot dog sausages
Correct Wrong

5. As a rough approximation the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of any circle is 22:7. Using this approximation find the length of the circumference of a circle if its diameter is 21mm. Give your answer in cm. cm Correct Wrong

6. Suzie the cat is proud that her picture hangs on the wall in the front room. The ratio of the width to the height of the picture is 10:13. The height is 18cm longer than the width. How wide is Suzie's picture?

Suzie the cat
cm Correct Wrong

7. The ratios of the ages of Maureen, Noreen and Doreen is 2:5:7. If Maureen is 15 years younger than Noreen, how old is Doreen? Correct Wrong

8. A model car is a scale replica of the real car. The ratio of the lengths of the model to the real car is 2:95. If the width of the real car is 2.85 metres, how wide is the model car in centimetres? cm Correct Wrong

9. Find w if the ratio w:3 is equivalent to the ratio 80:120. Correct Wrong

10. Find y if the ratio y:4 is equivalent to the ratio 3:5. Correct Wrong

11. The angles of a triangle are in the ratio 2:3:4. What is the size of the largest angle? ° Correct Wrong

12. The scale of a map is 1:50,000. The distance between two road junctions on the map is 7cm. How far are they apart in real life? Give your answer in kilometres. km Correct Wrong


This is Ratio level 7. You can also try:
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There is also a related exercise on the Unitary Method.


Try your best to answer the questions above. Type your answers into the boxes provided leaving no spaces. As you work through the exercise regularly click the "check" button. If you have any wrong answers, do your best to do corrections but if there is anything you don't understand, please ask your teacher for help.

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Level 1 - Identifying ratios from pictures

Level 2 - Simplifying ratios

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Level 4 - Simplifying ratios with fractional parts

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Level 7 - Using ratios in real life

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Introduction to Ratios



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