Memorable Measures

This is your mission:

Show and TellBring to the next Mathematics lesson a visual aid which will help the rest of the class remember the size of some unit of measure.

You will be given a personalised note indicating which measure you have to find.

For example if your measure is the kilogram you may decide to bring to the lesson a bag of sugar that weighs exactly one kilogram. You might even decide to make up a story, joke or rhyme about your bag of sugar which refers to how heavy it is. Make your presentation memorable so that even in ten years' time your classmates will remember what a kilogram is by thinking of you!


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Animal Records

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Memorable Measures

This is a visual aid designed to be projected onto a whiteboard to introduce a homework activity about measures.

Memorable Measures Printable Cards

Print the cards and give one to each pupil. You may give them out randomly or differentiate which pupil has which card.

If there are more than 24 pupils in your class you may need to print out two sets of cards and select cards to give out appropriately.

Finally sit back as your pupils take it in turns to talk enthusiastically about their unit of measure and, hopefully, everyone will gain a better understaning of this topic.

You can find more activities about measures and mensuration on out topic page which can be found here.

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