Transformations of Functions

Red graph Black graph

y=f(x)+3 y=f(x)-2 y=f(x+3) y=f(x-1)
y=2f(x) y=½f(x) y=f(2x) y=f(½x)
y=-f(x) y=f(-x) y=3f(x+2) y=-f(3x)
y=2f(x-3) y=-f(x+3)-2 y=3f(x-2)+1 y=f(2x+1)



Choose a transformation by clicking one of the buttons above. You can then sketch using your mouse (or finger/stylus if using a touch-sensitive screen) what you think the transformed graph will look like. Click the 'Show transformation' to see how close your sketch is to the computer generated version.



Graph Patterns

Graph Patterns

Find the equations which will produce the given patterns of graphs.

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