Cheese and Onion Pies

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Nan has made some cheese and onion pies. She has marked each
pie with the fraction of cheese inside the pie.


Correct - Good Job Wrong - Try Again

Drag pies left or right until the fractions are in the right order.


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Cheese and Onion Pies

A Fraction Sorting Challenge

This activity provides practice ordering vulgar fractions. Drag the pies to the left or right to position them so that the smallest fraction is at the left and the largest at the right.

There are 5 stages in this challenge. If you complete all five stages you can earn a Transum Trophy.

Fractions can be compared by considering the meaning of the numerator and denominator values. A Fraction Wall may help. Alternatively the fractions could be converted to decimals for easier sorting with the help of the Decimals Line. A spreadsheet could also be used to help manage the conversion and sorting.

Vinculum is an online challenge for students in which they have to find a series of fractions each larger than the precious fraction but less than one.


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