A Mathematics Starter Of The Day

Half a Pound

letter Prices

If A costs 1p, B costs 2p, etc. can you find a word that costs exactly 50p?

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A Mathematics Lesson Starter Of The Day

Change pounds and pence to dollars and cents

Topics: Starter | Arithmetic

  • Transum,
  • We have found "Bush", "America" and "Numb". Can you find any more? If you can please click on the link below to share your findings with the rest of the world!
  • Greg Stewart (student teacher), SW Scotland
  • I have found the words faint, too, vein, vine, seam, neat, duet, open, doze, fight, scared for the lesson starter on 5th March.
  • Ruth Towler, York
  • Low = 50p
  • Year 5, West Sussex
  • We have found LION
  • Connie, Chatsmore, Worthing
  • Connie found lion.
  • Frank and Alisha, year 7 set 1, Chatsmore, Worthing
  • We found that Frank and Alisha are worth 50p.
  • Kingsdown School, Swindon
  • We have found joy, apple , fest? , open , yet ,
  • P Austin, Withins school Bolton
  • first word found TOO
  • Dixons CA, Mrs Bates Y9 maths class
  • Other words that we found are:
    apple, animal, sold
  • Year 7, Highfields, Wolverhampton
  • We found that easy and snake total 50p
  • Class 8 Ma4, Preston School
  • Apple, Snap, Colt, Naps, Span, Tye, Too, Yet, Pans
  • Kingsdown, yr 8
  • We tried again and found some good ones

    bloat swag fight paul
  • Ye Won, Year 10, British International School, Jakarta
  • "MANGO" = 50p
  • Yr 8 Set 1, English College
  • Ever, tomb, joy, chose, snap and numb.
  • 8 set 3 St John Bosco, Liverpool
  • We found 'Clarke'
  • Year 7 Maths class, St Julian's School Portugal
  • We found the words shin, too, and vine.
  • Hayley Bairstow, Year 11, Dixons C.A.
  • "Wind" adds up to 50!

    Stephannie found her name "STEF" is also 50!
  • David Griffiths, Year 11, Dixons C.A.
  • I found "LIMP"!
  • Rianna Fuller Yr 7, Eastbourne
  • Result is DIGGER
  • Mrs Humphreys's maths group Year 6, Nevill Road, Bramhall, Stockport
  • We also found circle and flicked, as well as lots of the ones already mentioned.
  • Yr 8 set2a, Upholland High School
  • We found the words goon, oval, too and joy.
  • Drew Shorrock Year 10, Exmouth Community College
  • Drew
  • Bishop's Stortford College Junior School, Bishop's Stortford
  • We found ANIMAL and JOY
  • B.Hastie, Maths Department, Lourdes Sec. School ,Glasgow.Scotland
  • Our S1 class enjoyed this and got some good answers. They went on to look for words worth one pound e.g. ELEPHANTS.
  • Mr Khaira, Letchworth
  • Found the following words that cost 50p.
    When, Joy, Too, Low, Yet, Bendy and Easy.
    We are currently looking for a sentence with only 50p words.

  • Thandi and Emily, Preston School, Yeovil
  • We found 'when' and 'chart'
  • Mr Smith, 7Z1 Tiverton High School
  • 'Snob' Thomas Palmer
    'Joy' Amber Gannon
    'Tomb' Mr Smith
    'Nobs' Elliot Wright
  • Jodie, Carleton High, Pontefract
  • We found ACUTE, TOO, YET, LEARN.
  • year 7, Crawfordsburn primary school, Bangor N.Ireland
  • We too have found some great words ----

    pink, when, coals, oval, corn, snob, grip, role, nope.

    Mostly found by Catherine but the rest of the class had fun trying to find words which had not yet been submitted.
  • Kayleigh Byrne, Romsey Primary School Year 6
  • I tried and found APPLE,WIND,JOY,GOON,SHIN,FIGHT and YET!
  • Luke S, 7Ma4 The Albany school, Hornchurch, Essex
  • Luke found 'Apple'
  • 7a3, The Whitby High School, Ellesmere Port
  • We found Graph, Frank, apple, lion, low, joy and open
  • 7Ma4, The Albany school, Hornchurch, Essex
  • Jordan and Kotchakorn found Joy and Animal respectively
  • Amy, Bramhall
  • i found circle,melt,flicked,apple,too,open snake,when,learn,chart,wind and vine.
  • May, BIS in Jakarta
  • May found pinch as she is such a clever girl.
  • Mr Gropper, Year 10 DixonsCA, March 6th 2007
  • Dane thought of FORK, Najda thought of OWL
  • Conner Anderson, Class 1M1 at Lochend Community High School in Easterhouse, Glasgow
  • I found that PERCH is worth 50p.
  • 10Ma4, The Albany school, Hornchurch, Essex
  • Terri, Janis & Luke found Melt, Joy and animal
  • Jo-Jo Thompson, Year 7, Dixons C.A.
  • My name is Jo-Jo Thompson... Jo-Jo adds up to 50p!!
  • Joe Haydock Year11 eventually found the word LION !!!!
    Well done Joe
  • class 9x1, St Andrews Boys, Worthing
  • We found open, hers, and heart <3
  • year 7 set 1 , Chatsmore, Worthing
  • Second attempt we found:
    bush, chose, june, snob and nope.
  • Form 8e3, Neale-wade college, March
  • We found snake, feeding, when, pink and digger
  • Marlon Bannister Y8, Springhill High, Rochdale
  • I found SNAKE and a boy (Anthony Birch) in my class also foumd AWAY.
  • Phate, Digital Universe
  • I have found a rather unorthidox word that even though a little unusual I think should still be displayed as free speech and the fact that you should think about all the possible outcomes before starting something like this.
  • British International School, Jakarta, Year 8 Set 1
  • JUNE - Amanda Tan, COLT & DUET - Andrew Dallamore, JACKET & ANIMAL - Ji Soo Shin, KOREA - Kyung Seok Woo, WHEN - Bhagas Dermawan, LILLE - Filbert Goetomo
  • Nick Takeshima, Sunderland
  • we are going to try and find the most expensive word, is it the longest?
  • Year 6 , St John's Knaresborough
  • Class 6M/C found including; 'after', 'bells', 'pink', 'low', 'lion', 'males' and finally 'disco'
  • Class 2.1, Millburn Academy, Inverness
  • Class 2.1 came up with chart, snake, nope, smoke, away, too, joy, jojo, apple, mairi
  • 8set5, Lord Lawson
  • Beth found that Bethan was worth 50p!

  • Natalie Dyas, Cannock Chase High School
  • Natalie was victorious and certainly not 'defeated'
  • Emily Harris, CCHS
  • Emily is no coward and came out with 'fight'.
  • Year 9, Dixons CA
  • Ammar found 'Dunk'
  • Kirstie-Marie Swann, Cannock Chase High School
  • I found "audio"
  • 8c3 maths set, Cams Hill School, Fareham
  • We found Batman, Joy and too
  • 9s3 class, Cams Hill school, Fareham
  • Lion and yet and too
  • R. Hamilton, Mrs Hamilton's class
  • Year 10X1 found 'Bethan' = 50p love from monmouth comprehensive school x x x x x x
  • Year 10, Brookfield School, Southampton
  • We found joy (again!), Paul and Perk...
  • Mrs J Earnshaw, Archbishop McGrath Bridgend
  • Thomas Jury Y7 tried his name (Tom) but was 2 short so put a 'b' on the end to make 'tomb'. Also Caitlin Price also from Y7 found 'lion'.
  • Jamie Notman, 4th year Chryston High School, Glasgow
  • I found the sentence "I am fat" = 50p
  • Josephine, Oakington Manor Wembley
  • I was really excited to try this out and guess what I found: yet,low,corn and digger! Anyway I love this site very much and its a great opportunity to learn to figure out problems!-I really enjoyed this very much.
  • Hayley Adkin, Chatsmore 7sm
  • I have found joy and thumb. This site was well thought up, who thought of it?
  • Darrick Wood, Year 7 y set 1
  • We have found goth as well as lots of the others!
  • St Johns, Bishop Auckland
  • 9Y1 from St Johns Bishop Auckland found the word AMAZED
  • St Johns RC School, Bishop Auckland Co Durham
  • 8y2 (Miss Devlin's class) have found that some of their names add up to 50 - Marco,Paul and Calum
  • 7Y1, Hadleigh High School
  • For 50p:
  • Vinesh Chauhan, 10SJH Queensbury School
  • I found the word 'SHELF'
  • 7Y2, Coombeshead College, Newton Abbot
  • Mrs Penman, Linwood High School
  • Class 2A had a lot of fun after their test finding that DIGGER, YET, TOO, PAUL, POP, JUNE and PINK all make 50p.
  • Mr Hardy, Wales
  • Yet=50p
  • All of Mr. Paxton's 7X3, Gosford Hill School
  • P. davies, Highfield , Blackpool
  • Chart, fork and too!
  • Helsby High School, 9o1
  • Animal, babycake, joy, janet, low, lion, numb, pink, stu, too, tomb, when, yet
  • Helsby High School, Year 10
  • Apple, Mango, Lion, Cheetah, Snake and Baines.
  • Rachel, Neale Wade
  • I found "tease"

  • Mr Davies, St Joseph's, Swindon
  • Cooper found role, plus about 40 others.
  • A Bougara & M Sones, Sheffield Springs Academy
  • Class year 11 foundation found Moog, Easy, Fight, Graph, Lion, Yet.
  • Year 9, Sweyne Park School Essex
  • We Found Circle
  • Abbie Smith, St Kents
  • We found that apple makes 50p.
  • Zara, Belmont Academy
  • Donald, cluck, shin and nope are all worth 50p
  • Joe Charlie, Huddersfield
  • We found DRUG
  • First year, Auchmuty High School, Glenrothes
  • We found oot, too, yet, baths, lion, open, nope, jacky, yip.

    So we are the best!
  • 1st year class enjoyed this starter - found BOXED also worked. More of the same please!
  • KSHS, Year 8 Top Set, Sleaford, Lincs
  • We found braces, davies, any, animal, time, owl, yet.
  • Mr Gray, Oldmachar Acad, Aberdeen
  • Dominic got BRING, Katrina got APPLE and Bradley got DIGGER (224).

    All worth 50 pence each.
  • RH, Royal Alexandra and Albert School
  • We are a Year 8 group and have found the following words:
    Yet, Jiggle, Graph, Cubes, Circle, Chart and Meals
  • Mr Marshall, Clough Hall
  • 8-2 found WHEN, JOBN and WBY. They aren't very good at words.
  • Miss McPeake's year 7 , Crosby, Liverpool
  • We worked very hard at this task and we managed to find a word which is very relevant to our school, SACRED HEART CATHOLIC COLLEGE....."SACRED" :)
  • Year 8, Hartford High School
  • We found Joy, Tomb, America, Snake and When. The year 8's would also like names but I don't think they should be allowed. One pupil wanted 'A bad banana dad'!!
  • Class 6B, Farsley farfield Primary School
  • We found Haven, Mrs , Alisha and apple.
  • Mrs Goodman, St Michaels
  • We found "corn" and "Eliza" year 10 set 4
  • Erik Burgess, Philips High, Whitefield
  • Erik found NATO for 50p
  • Mr Gray, Oldmachar Acad, Aberdeen
  • 213 got a few more for 50p!

    "Paul", "Joy", "Cubes", "June", "Vine", "Doze" and "Apple".

    My first year class, 111, got "Lino" and "Too" on top of those!
  • Mr Price, TCHS
  • Mr Price's Year 10, Tarporley High School found Frank, Joy, Lin, Too, owl, open just before the end of the lesson!!!
  • Hilden Grange, Tonbridge, Year 4
  • We have found lots of the words that are already mentioned as well as:
  • Mr Adam + Maths Set 1, Purbrook Junior School
  • Children in my maths group discovered my name added up to 50 pence - Mr Adam! They also discovered 'animal'.
  • Greg, South Africa
  • We found "NUMERACY" which costs £1
  • 8F, Freebrough College
  • The Middlesbrough supporters in our class found the word "Boro".
  • Class 9Y, Le Rocquier school, Jersey
  • My class found "Nope, when, learn and graph"
  • Mrs Edge, Salford City Academy
  • 8x1 found several words including Jacky, Blonde, Lions, Vein, learn, circle, Paul, nope, naveh. Well done year 8 some good words
  • Glenealy Class 6S, Hong Kong
  • Animal, too, jacket, zig-zag, biblical, joy, clot, colt and alley
  • Miss Wilton's Year 7 Class, Hartford High School
  • Year 7 found APPLE, TOO, SHIN, SNAKE, PANS.
  • Charlotte Smith , 7 holmes
  • I found: mango, lion, low, joy, open, snake
  • Zara, Belmont Academy
  • Well, I found...oot, too, yet, baths, lion, open, nope, jacky, yip, donald, boxed, braces, any, animal, time, owl, yet, bring, apple, digger, jiggle, graph, cubes, circle, chart, meals, when, joy, tomb, america, snake, low, learn, sold, clot, lands...
    Wow, that took some time. Good starter though!
  • Patrick Kelly, Sperrin College
  • Hi my name is Patrick and I love, LOVE Maths. I got an answer its 'GRAPH'. Thank you for putting my comments up. I love maths.
  • Miss Chittock's Maths Class, Oxford School
  • 9Ma8 found...
    Apple, Digger, Pink, When, Gears, America, Wind, June, Mango, Away, Jacky.
  • Mr Toby, Dixons City Academy 7B
  • Zain found Zain
  • Olu, England
  • YET
  • 7a2, Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls 2008-9
  • We got TOMB, ANIMAL AND YET!!!!
  • Class BD (Y5/6), Ingatestone Junior School
  • We tried hard for about 20 minutes and found these words:
    June, too, lion, apple, wind, nope, yet, Samie C (Samuel Croker is in our class), America, numb
  • Karan.P,
  • A good game for children from ages 7-8
  • Mrs Smith, Casterton Business and Enterprise College. Year 9 Star Group.
  • Sophie Batkin found 'PINK' and Vicky Boddington found 'MRS' both for 50p.
  • Mrs Smith, Casterton Business & Enterprise College
  • Year 7A2 found the following:
    Tim found 'TOMB'
    Frankie found that 'FRANK' costs 50p
    Kirsty and Tom found 'APPLE'
    Jack found 'LOW'
  • Mr Matthews, Canggu Community School
  • Ludvig (year 9) says BUGMAF (kind of like the Bug mafia). Thanks for your awsesome starter,
    Mr Matthews.
  • James Burnitt, Beverley Grammar School
  • I found "Gears".
  • Elliot Constable, Beverley Grammar School
  • I found "sold".
  • Mrs Davis, Alcester High School
  • Yr 7 top set enjoyed this starter and came up with
  • Mrs Davis + Class, Alcester High School
  • We love this game, 'year 9 set 2, and found these words...
    APPLE .. in two minutes!
  • Mr Hartley's Outstanding Y11 Class, KLB, Gloucestershire, UK
  • Excellent starter! Alex came up with 'Jacket' and Emma found 'Circle'.
  • Natalie Lucas, Elm Park School
  • L. found 'Snap'
    Room 20
    Elm Park School
    Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Mr Carter, Hethersett Junior School
  • Charlotte in Mr Carter's Maths Group found OWL - what a wise old bird she is!!!
  • 7H3, Helenswood School
  • We found low, open, Jacky and fork.
  • Mrs Tuer, Shropshire
  • Great starter,
    8O1 at Bridgnorth Endowed loved it!
  • Miss Wilson's Genius Maths Set, Our Lady Of The Missions Primary
  • Joy, yet, open. Our best attempt was 4 50p words in two minutes!
  • Mr P Smith, Albion High School
  • Marcus Scott, Joe Donaldson, David Moran and Dylan Wood came up with
    7x2 Albion High School.
  • The Best Maths Group Ever, King Alfred's College
  • We found: too,yet and joy.
  • 7X1 And 8Y1, Hadleigh High School, Suffolk
  • Lauren in 7X1 found UNO (card game)
    8Y1 found MISHA, KENT, LENS, MASHED, BENNIF (a surname) and GO MAN!
  • 8w/Ma1, Macclesfield High School
  • 8w/1 from macclesfield high school found the following words;
    Rhys found TOO
    Tom found TOMB
    Becky found YET
    Olivia found LOW
    Shannon found OWL
    Sam found NOPE.
  • Beth, Amy, Dom, Hannah, 8E Harrytown Catholic High School
  • We found animal, graph, circle, acute, apple, bells.
  • Mrs Smith, Casterton Business & Enterprise College
  • Class 8B1/Ma
    Hannah Clapinson found TOO
    Sammy Jones found OPEN
    Jack Bradshaw-Lamb found JOY and JACKY!
  • Year 9 Set 1 Maths, Archbishop Blanch School
  • 7a6, The Whitby High School
  • Catty has found her favourite colour "pink", others found the whole thing really "easy". Apple, Barns, Type.
  • J Sandilands, Calderglen High
    1P7 Calderglen High School
    Miss Sandilands Maths class!
  • Year 8 St James Middle.,
  • We have found Apple and Paddy to be 50p
  • UV Class, Kew, London
  • We found too, joy, shin, bush and America!
  • Connie Mansfield, Alabama Homeschooled
  • Well. I ain't no big city girl, but my maths grades are higher than a pigeon on a plane-wing, I couldn't make up one cleverer than that... But did I mention my writin'? No.
    Anyway, I found;
    vain and vine.
    I'd put my cell phone number on here but I ain't got much time for speakeratin', not to boyz anyway... my daddy wouldn't be a happy bunny.
    Thanks for readin' ya'll, not many people have time to listen to me, a humble country girl from sweet america. I am however home-schooled, does that make this comment a problem. I hope not. I'd love for people to read something that I wrote on the internet, publicly. It would make a change from being ignored as usual. Well, this has taken up a lot of my math time, and I need a daily 10 minutes. To keep up my high grade of D average.
  • Mary Kate, Parker, CO
  • I found two, mango and baths. I am in 3 grade.
  • Mr Toby And 7P3, Brentside High School
  • Isobel Found Apple
    Annoying Deen found Too
    Amandeep found Tomb
    Karima found Boxed.
  • Zareen, Golden Hillock Birmingham
  • I found a word LEARN that adds up to 50.
  • Mr Toby And 7Q2, Brentside High School
  • Simran found NOPE
    Martin found TOO
    Oliver found PANS and JOY
    Ajanthan found JOJO.
  • Mr Toby And 8P4, Brentside High School
  • Sahan found TOO
    Zain found APPLE and ZAIN.
  • Year 6, Kadimah College
  • Lydia found JIGGLE.
  • Mackenzie Rowles, Harrytown High School
  • Mackenzie found the word "yet".
  • Mr Way, Highcliffe School Dorset
  • Tom Wilkins found 'Korea' :)
    Jake Southcombe found 'Wind'
    Ruth Coomber found 'lion'
    Holly Finlay found 'apple'
    We liked it :).
  • Mr Way, 9.3 Highcliffe School, Dorset
  • Tom found 'FREAKED' and Bradley found 'CARDIO'
    Smaller words found were too, apple, joy, away, pone, nope, open and yet.
  • Alex, Bridge Water Middle School Y7 Set4
  • I found this soooooo diffcult and I could not fid any words at all I am amazed how many words there acctually are.
  • Miss Gilleece, Boldon School
  • My 9A1 found:
    Katie found APPLE
    Peter found JOY
    and Alex found CLARKE! :).
  • Mrs Hemmings 8t1, Brentwood County High School
  • Class 8t1 from Brentwood County High School found - SNAKE, YET, JOY, TOO.
  • LIIIC, The Abbey Junior School
  • We found snap!
  • Sycamore Class, Maidstone, England
  • Gary was very cheeky and found aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
    William found SHIN
    Sophie B found TOO
    Phoebe found SNEAK.
  • Mr Blackhall's S3, Lornshill Academy
  • We found, nope, animal, Calum, too, goon, low and cluck.
  • Mrs O'Hagan's First Year Class, Holyrood Sec School Glasgow
  • PINK!!!!
  • Year 4/5 Sarum St Paul's, Year 4/5
  • We found Arghhhh (Lewis T) and Animal (Becca L) in Year 4/5...
  • Class 8cd1, Swakeleys School Hillingdon
  • Too, joy, June, Janet, Ilhaam, Jo-Jo, low.
  • 7H4, Hindley In Wigan
  • Our class found two that total 50p. PINK and WIND.
  • Jessie Rose, Stoneferry Primary
  • Nemesia Symonds, Martham
  • I have found :
  • Miss K, Barking Abbey School
  • Javed found Joy
    Ryan found Lion
    Billy found Pink
    From 7b3 at Barking Abbey School.
  • A Govender, The Connaught School
  • Nathan Wheller from the Connaught school found "CHEETAH" Well Done!!!
  • Mr A Govender, The Connaught School
  • Ezra Daley from the Connaught School tried his first name.
    E Z R A amounts to 50p. Thanks Ezra. Well Done!!
  • Miss Barnfords Class (4), Emran Juniors
  • We found 'Bethan' and 'vine' = 50p.
  • Year 5H, Garswood
  • We found the words Garlic and disco.
  • Mr Parke, BTH
  • My Year 9 found MASH.
  • Casterton Primary School,
  • Year 6 found
  • Mrs Forsyths Class, Welshpool High School
  • Year 8 Set 4 Found Graph, Apple and Acute!! We are amazing!!!
  • Gregor Reynolds, Lornshill Academy, Alloa
  • I found CAREER.
  • Mrs Grant, Peterhead Academy
  • YET
  • 8 Ma4, Lostock Hall
  • Our Class have WIND.
  • Ms Chittock, Cheney School
  • We are Cheney School, Oxford!
    We found: too, joy, yet, low, nope, hannah f, june
    And for £1 - mathematical,
    Our class rocks!
  • 10 Set 2, Sturminster Newton High School
  • We found joy, circle and pink.
  • Zain, Hillside Junior School - Y4
  • I found my own name!!!!! ZAIN.
  • Lauren, Priory
  • Great starter of the day we got
    can I just note that hamish and pop are not 50p as some of you have put that.
    y6 loved it.
  • Cara, Dahlonega
  • It took me foever, but I found dong, which no one else did.
  • Mr J Saye, JS
  • Lucy a Year 8 student got Yip = 50p. Plus the others ones including Open, Apple, Joy and too.
  • Year 8 Maths, Le Rocquier, Jersey
  • B Woods, HVAC
  • Nichola Needham in my wonderful year 9 class came up with JUNE and Needham.
  • 9X4, Garth Hill College, Bracknell
  • 9X4 Garth Hill College found "TOO", "AFTER" and "TEET".
  • We found tomb and away for 50p and elephants for £1.
  • U3T, Kilgraston School
  • We found the word: Dorm.
  • Tanya, Gosforth Central Middle School
  • I just found out that my name costs 50p!!!
  • Ms. Anderson, Phoenix
  • Our class found lion, yet, apple, too.
  • Year 10, Murray Park, Derby
  • Year 8, Derby
  • Jack found LION, Lauryn found CLARKE and CIRCLE, Libby found LIBBY, Zahraa and Beth F both found PINK.
    Beth L loved this!!!!
  • P6R, Melrose
  • We have found chart, lion, low, too, yet, apple, open, oval,.
  • Mrs Boussouara's First Year Class, HOLYROOD SECONDARY SCHOOL
  • Mrs Boussouara's class enjoyed this puzzle . We got TOO,LOW,APPLE,LION, AMERICA,JOY,GARLIC,FATIMA. Zohaib and Nicole got the most words.
  • Ashlee, Steyning
  • ASHLEE is worth 50p.
  • Mr Toby - 7Y4, Nower Hill High School
  • Danny/Yash found 'too'
    Jonneka didn't find 'oto'.
  • Nower Hill, 7X2
  • We found: Too, lion, Jacky, Joy, Teet, Owl, Low.
  • Sophie D, Judy B And Ed C, JESS Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • These guys found Pink, Corn and Too.....
  • Laurence Jackson School - Year 10,
  • Laurence Jackson school came up with 'When'.
  • Mr Kavanagh's Fifth Class, Cork, Ireland
  • We found quite a few.
    Abaigh found bush and America. Sarah O. found joy. Amber found animal. Laura found bells, Mrs. and numb. Adam found too and Jacob's. Lauryn found yet. Sarah C. found lion and cheetah. Josh found apple.
  • Year 10, St George's, Harpenden
  • We found OPEN, RIFLE and DORM.
  • Mrs Pygall, Year 5 & 6
  • We found animal!
    Some 20p words we found were: as, jade.
  • Miss Griffiths, Fernhill School
  • Miss Griffiths' maths class period 3 Tuesday week 2 found Aaaron, digger, apple, yet, owl, when, snake, fork, HEART and loads more!
  • Chulmleigh Community College, Devon Uk
  • Harry Young - Tomb
    Chloe Cole, Rebecca Mather, Olivia Tucker - Fight,apple
    Sam Chiu - drug.
  • Mr Sim & Mrs Barnett's 3A2, Dyce Academy, Aberdeen
  • We found WHEN, YET, JOY, DREW, and SACRED.
  • Ava Smith, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  • Ty'Shya found UNO is worth 50p.
  • 7G3, Ounsdale High School, Wombourne
  • We found lion, cheetah, snake, owl, too, low, yet, and tomb.
  • Mrs Kirk, 9SU
  • Megan found the word swag and Billy found the word Joy!
  • Year 7, St Nicholas CE Middle School
  • We found yet, Frank, helped, pink, apple.
  • Year 9, St Georges, Harpenden
  • We found Easy, Apple, Doze, Jacky, Rifle, Open and Dorm!
  • The Swans, Stratford St Mary
  • We found owl, low, when, snap and feeding - well done to Heather and Daisy.
  • High Storrs, Year 7
  • We found LOW, VOID, LION, DINER, YET, OPEN, WIND, WHEN, ANIMAL, APPLE, KOREA, SNAKE and TOO. Our word of the week is 'Supererogatory' and it is worth 203.
  • 7FY, Fitzalan High School
  • Most 'expensive' name in the class SUMAYYAH
    'Cheapest' name in the class HABIBA.
  • 6H, Wellington Junior School
  • Olivia Savage found 'wind', 'lion' and a new word, 'puffa'!
  • Paul Gray, Derby
  • I did [this] starter, but asked my class to come up with words worth 50 points. I kept on emphasising that the answer was easy, much to the dismay of my class...
    When the penny dropped and they realised that the answer really was EASY (E = 5, A = 1, S = 19, Y = 25, EASY = 50) they loved it!!".
  • Mr Pool, Andover
  • Our most expensive pupil was Charles Preston with 173
    The least expensive was Mia Law 59
    One pupil was worth 50p and that was Drew.
  • Manny,
  • I found freaked cardio and apple.
  • Mr Bailey, Leigh CE Junior School
  • My class found this EASY - 50 points
    They didn't really but found it very fun!! Especially trying to find the total of words like 'bottom'!! What JOY - 50 points.
  • Octavia Pullman, Anonymous SHS, London
  • One student found Fight. 6+9+7+8+20.
  • Minster Primary,
  • Callum found 'waft'.
  • St Johns Academy, Perth
  • We found Nope, Apple and
  • 9NK, Ramsden Hall School
  • YET and FRANK.
  • The Wavell School, 7q2
  • Animal.
  • Miss Hudson-Williams Year 7 Class, Amman Valley Comp
  • Eve got Low, Jonathan got yet, Nathan got joy and drug, Alex got open, courtney got Owl.
  • Aseebah, Essex
  • I thought is was fantastic. Can we have More Please !
  • 6GC, Doncaster
  • Anna got 'yet', Jordan 'joy' and Rebekah/Maddison found her name, 'Rebekah'.
  • Mr Parsons, Ashcroft High School
  • Korey and Paul found most of the words that have already been mentioned on the list above. Paul was impressed that his name was worth 50p. Korey found a new word. It was BONS. He tells me that it is a real word.
  • Lochend CHS, Class 3M1
  • Teighan got 'HELPED' and Declan got 'Melt'.
  • Class 4 5, ARchbishop Cranmer
  • Alistair found BOXED and Sukhroop found CIRCLE.
  • YEAR 8/64, St Pauls Bessbrook
  • MrMcCukers 8/22, StPauls Bessbrook
  • Jamie Redmayne, Meoncross
  • Animal
    Well done year 7!!!!
  • British International Academy, Geoje Island, Korea
  • Some of our students found: open, too, blue, melt, tray, joy and...Gary!
  • Mr Bell's Year 10, WKGS
  • We found Yet, Oval, Fight, Animal and Wind! ??.
  • Chris, Surrey
  • I found 2 new words:
    I found ELSIE and HAIKU
    Can you find some more?

How did you use this starter? Can you suggest how teachers could present or develop this resource? Do you have any comments? It is always useful to receive feedback and helps make this free resource even more useful for Maths teachers anywhere in the world.
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Christmas Present Ideas

It is often very difficult choosing Christmas presents for family and friends but so here are some seasonal, mathematics-related gifts chosen and recommended by Transum Mathematics.

Equate board game

Here's a great board game that will give any family with school-aged kids hours of worthwhile fun. Christmas is a time for board games but this one will still be useful at any time of year. Games can be adapted to suit many levels of Mathematical ability.

For Maths tutors working with just one or small groups of pupils this game has proved to be an excellent activity for a tutorial. Deciding on the best moves can spark pertinent discussions about mathematical concepts.

Equate looks a bit like Scrabble--for aspiring mathematicians, that is. Designed by a real mathematician, it works like this: You put down tiles on a board and make points by correctly completing simple equations. Your nine tiles include both numbers and mathematical symbols; you can add on to previous plays both vertically and horizontally. more... #ad

How Not To Be Wrong

The maths we learn in school can seem like an abstract set of rules, laid down by the ancients and not to be questioned. In fact, Jordan Ellenberg shows us, maths touches on everything we do, and a little mathematical knowledge reveals the hidden structures that lie beneath the world's messy and chaotic surface. In How Not to be Wrong, Ellenberg explores the mathematician's method of analyzing life, from the everyday to the cosmic, showing us which numbers to defend, which ones to ignore, and when to change the equation entirely. Along the way, he explains calculus in a single page, describes Gödel's theorem using only one-syllable words, and reveals how early you actually need to get to the airport.

What more could the inquisitive adult want for Christmas? This book makes a cosy, interesting read in front of the fire on those cold winter evenings. more... #ad

Graphic Display Calculator

This handheld device and companion software are designed to generate opportunities for classroom exploration and to promote greater understanding of core concepts in the mathematics and science classroom. TI-Nspire technology has been developed through sound classroom research which shows that "linked multiple representation are crucial in development of conceptual understanding and it is feasible only through use of a technology such as TI-Nspire, which provides simultaneous, dynamically linked representations of graphs, equations, data, and verbal explanations, such that a change in one representation is immediately reflected in the others.

For the young people in your life it is a great investment. Bought as a Christmas present but useful for many years to come as the young person turns into an A-level candidate then works their way through university. more... #ad

Apple iPad Pro

The analytics show that more and more people are accessing Transum Mathematics via an iPad as it is so portable and responsive. The iPad has so many other uses in addition to solving Transum's puzzles and challenges and it would make an excellent gift for anyone.

The redesigned Retina display is as stunning to look at as it is to touch. It all comes with iOS, the world's most advanced mobile operating system. iPad Pro. Everything you want modern computing to be. more... #ad

Before giving an iPad as a Christmas gift you could add a link to iPad Maths to the home screen.

Craig Barton's Tips for Teachers

Teaching is complex. But there are simple ideas we can enact to help our teaching be more effective. This book contains over 400 such ideas." more... #ad

"The ideas come from two sources. First, from the wonderful guests on his Tips for Teachers podcast - education heavyweights such as Dylan Wiliam, Daisy Christodoulou and Tom Sherrington, as well as talented teachers who are not household names but have so much wisdom to share. Then there's what he has learned from working with amazing teachers and students in hundreds of schools around the world.

Another Craig Barton Book

The Story Of Maths [DVD]

The films in this ambitious series offer clear, accessible explanations of important mathematical ideas but are also packed with engaging anecdotes, fascinating biographical details, and pivotal episodes in the lives of the great mathematicians. Engaging, enlightening and entertaining, the series gives viewers new and often surprising insights into the central importance of mathematics, establishing this discipline to be one of humanity s greatest cultural achievements. This DVD contains all four programmes from the BBC series.

Marcus du Sautoy's wonderful programmes make a perfect Christmas gift more... #ad

Christmas Maths

This book provides a wealth of fun activities with a Christmas theme. Each photocopiable worksheet is matched to the Numeracy Strategy and compatible with the Scottish 5-14 Guidelines. This series is designed for busy teachers in the late Autumn term who are desperate for materials that are relevant and interesting and that can be completed with minimun supervision.

All the activities are suitable for use by class teachers, supply teachers, SEN teachers and classroom assistants and cover topics such as 'How many partridges did the true love give all together?' and 'Filling a sleigh with presents by rolling a dice!'. Children will have lots of fun working through the Christmas Maths themes but also gain valuable skills along the way.

A great source of ideas and another reasonably priced stocking filler. more... #ad

A Compendium Of 	Mathematical Methods

A Compendium Of Mathematical Methods

How many different methods do you know to solve simultaneous equations? To multiply decimals? To find the nth term of a sequence?

A Compendium of Mathematical Methods brings together over one hundred different approaches from classrooms all over the world, giving curious mathematicians the opportunity to explore fascinating methods that they've never before encountered.

If you teach mathematics to any age group in any country, you are guaranteed to learn lots of new things from this delightful book. It will deepen your subject knowledge and enhance your teaching, whatever your existing level of expertise. It will inspire you to explore new approaches with your pupils and provide valuable guidance on explanations and misconceptions. more... #ad

Math with Bad Drawings

I had been tutoring the wonderful Betsy for five years. When the day came for our last ever session together before the end of her Year 13, I received this beautiful book as a gift of appreciation.

This a very readable book by Ben Orlin. I'm really enjoying the humour in the writing and the drawings are great.

Ben Orlin answers maths' three big questions: Why do I need to learn this? When am I ever going to use it? Why is it so hard? The answers come in various forms-cartoons, drawings, jokes, and the stories and insights of an empathetic teacher who believes that mathematics should belong to everyone. more... #ad

Click the images above to see all the details of these gift ideas and to buy them online.

Maths T-Shirts

Maths T-shirts on Amazon
Maths T-Shirts on Amazon

Your access to the majority of the Transum resources continues to be free but you can help support the continued growth of the website by doing your Amazon shopping using the links on this page. Below is an Amazon link. As an Amazon Associate I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases which helps pay for the upkeep of this website.

Educational Technology on Amazon


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Laptops In Lessons

Teacher, do your students have access to computers such as tablets, iPads or Laptops?  This page was really designed for projection on a whiteboard but if you really want the students to have access to it here is a concise URL for a version of this page without the comments:


However it would be better to assign one of the student interactive activities below.

Laptops In Lessons

Here is the URL which will take them to a related student activity.


Student Activity

Extension :: Primewords

Now the prices of the letters are defined by prime numbers (A = 2, B = 3, C = 5 etc) and the price of a word is the product of the letters it contains.

For example the word BAD costs 3 × 2 × 7 = 42p.


What mathematical words might cost:





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