Guitar For Sale

Boy with guitar

On Monday Carlos bought a guitar for £7

On Tuesday he sold it for £18

On Wednesday he bought it back for £32

On Thursday he needed money for a football match so he again sold his guitar, this time for £42.

Overall, did Carlos make or lose money?

A Mathematics Lesson Starter Of The Day

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  • J Duhig, Stevenage
  • I LOVE these starters, the book worm one is my recent favourite! I use them almost every day. Thanks!
  • Fahmin Begum Ali, Central Foundation Girls School
  • I love Transum. My teacher starts our maths lesson off with a starter everyday and its great. I would like to suggest that Transum gives more harder starters though. But overall Transum is GREAT!
  • Salif Fonso, WLA , Northolt, Middlesex
  • When he started without a guitar he had £7 in his pocket. At th end of it all(without the guitar once more) he had £14 in his pocket. That means he made £7 not £14 as the answer section states.
  • Mr McLaughlin And Primary 5, St Bernadette's Primary School, Motherwell
  • We found this quite challenging but worked out the answer in the end. It was good fun and it taught us about profit and loss. It was like being in The Apprentice!
  • Transum,
  • Thanks to everyone for their comments. It may be worth mentioning that each time this page is loaded a different set of figures is given for the guitar transactions. That means that you could use this starter more than once with the same class!
  • Miss Robbins, Green Hill Lower
  • This starter was really engaging... I found it was just the right length and the right amount of time it took to answer. In this time the children really enjoyed doing it. As our class isn't top, we did spend a little longer than other classes would have but it was still a great aspect to the lesson. I found that this was great homework to! I one of these starters for homework to take 10 minutes as everybody came in the next day saying it was a great homework and they would love to do it again, now we have a brain question every week ( one of your starters! ) I even found that with these there great fun for the kids to do as an extension in class. These starters also helped me find the people who were struggling and I did some different tasks for them to do (from Transum!) and they loved it. They still love maths! Your website makes people love maths of all ages!

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