Tran Towers

Your mission is to get into the Treasure Room which is somewhere in this big old house. You may need to solve some puzzles along the way because the guardian of the house doesn't want just anybody getting their hands on the treasure.

It would be helpful if you made a map of Tran Towers as you move from room to room. Good Luck.


TranTowers is an adventure game designed for pupils/students in Secondary/High school. It is an online activity designed to stimulate a range of thinking skills by challenging learners to find their way through the rooms of this vast building and solve mathematical problems along the way.

It is strongly recommended that you draw a map/floor plan of Tran Towers as you travel through the rooms. This map will help you find your way back to important rooms and be invaluable if you start the quest again.

Start your map on a sheet of A4 paper with the first room you enter drawn quite small in the centre of the bottom of the paper.

We can't promise great wealth or in fact any type of financial reward for completing this challenge but there is a great sense of achievement and a trophy when you find your way through to the Treasure Room. Good Luck.

Lesley Wright, Twitter

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Frankie, Raumati Beach School

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

"Lol I did this without a map."

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Information for Teachers

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There is a pdf booklet containing Tran Towers Resources to go with this activity that teachers might find useful. It is available to Transum subscribers and contains a printable map of Tran Towers as well as hints for solving the puzzles.



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