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A Maths Starter Of The Year

What will the date be:

1) 2024 days after 1st January 2024?

2) 2024 hours after 1st January 2024?

3) 2024 minutes after 1st January 2024?

4) 2024 seconds after 1st January 2024?

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  • Transum,
  • Thanks to those from Notley Green Primary School, Holgate School and Brocket School who pointed out the errors in the answers originally posted here. Hopefully the errors have now been corrected!
  • Carol Fletcher, Yr 6 St. Stephen's Primary School Twickenham
  • Surely the first answer should be 6th July as we need to remember the leap year in 2016? Our very own Isabel Calvert spotted this mistake.

    [Transum: We have checked again but think that 2013 days after 1st January 2013 is the 7th July - Thanks for your comment though.]
  • Jacqueline Merlini, Howard Of Effingham
  • Checked answers for 2014 using Excel - think first one is 8 July, second is 25 March, 3rd 2 Jan, 4th 1 Jan - counting from the beginning of 1/1/14. If you are counting from the end of 1/1/14, then the first answer should be 9 July.
    Good talking point!
  • Jonathan Sun, South Yarra.Vic.Australia
  • In the first question I got the answer the 7th.september.2021. Don't forget that 2016 and 2020 are both leap years.
  • Lekshmana, India
  • Now 2017-Jan-01 12:00:00 AM
    After 2017 Days 2022-Jul-11 12:00:00 AM
    After 2017 HOUR 2017-Mar-26 01:00:00 AM
    After 2017 MINUTE 2017-Jan-02 09:37:00 AM
    After 2017 SECOND 2017-Jan-01 12:33:37 AM
    After 2017 MILLISECOND 2017-Jan-01 12:00:02 AM.

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