Four Problems

Marilou is thinking of a number. The number is less than one hundred. If five sixths of the number is 60, what is two thirds of it?
Find two consecutive numbers with a product of 6642.
Is 2019 a prime number?
A 10cm x 10cm x 10cm cube has a capacity of 1 litre. What are the dimensions of a cube that will hold half a litre?

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  • Four nice questions for students to ponder at the beginning of your lesson. Some allow for a trial-and-improvement method to arrive at the solution while others require a more methodical approach. All of them may generate discussion amongst the students which could be followed up by the teacher accordingly.

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FACT button

Tip For Teacher

Most people don't know all of the wonderful things our calculators can do. There are just so many buttons and functions.

Do you have this strange FACT function on your calculator? Do you know what it does?

Type a number (48 is a good example) into the calculator then press the equals button.

Next press shift then this button with FACT written over it.

You should now see 24 × 3 in the calculator display.

The function performed the prime factorisation of 48.

Very useful.

So this button can be used to find out if a number is a prime number as the prime factorisation function will return the original number.

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