Hot Number Challenges

Each person needs ten cards or counters labelled 0 - 9.

Hot Number Cards
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This page is designed to be projected on the whiteboard so that all of the students in the class can see the challenges. The students attempt to complete each challenge with their ten cards or counters labelled 0-9.

The teacher chooses the challenge by clicking on one of the buttons above. When the challenge has been completed double click the button and it will turn green keeping a record of the challenges completed.

Students can easily make their own numbered cards or use playing cards. Here is a printable set of cards if you have time to prepare them.

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Having a set of cards, counters or tokens numbered nought to nine are a great resource that can be used for many different types of mathematical activity by learners of all ages.

Numbered tokens

Here you can see cards made by writing numbers with a thick felt pen on the backs of surplus business cards. In the centre of the photograph are pill pots with number stickers on the lids and on the right you can see playing cards.

Numbered tokens Dominoes

These plastic jigsaw numbers were being sold very cheaply in the local supermarket. If you have the facilities at your school you could print out on card then laminate your own set of cards from our template. Here is our printable set of cards.

Finally, a better alternative to all of the ideas above is to let each student work through the challenges online with out student version of Hot Numbers.

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