Polygon Properties

The objective of this activity is to match the names of the polygons with each of their properties. You do this by clicking on the dots to create joining lines or connections. You can click the Check button at any time to see how well you are doing.

To remove a connecting line created in error click on the dots at each end of the line.

For the purposes of this exercise the diagonal of a polygon with an even number of sides is the straight line between a vertex and the opposite vertex. For a polygon with an odd number of sides it is the straight line between a vertex and the mid point of the opposite side.

Also for the purposes of this exercise polygons with an odd number of sides do not have 'opposite' angles or sides.

For each correct connection you score one point. For each incorrect connection one point is subtracted from your score. Incorrect connections will be shown as black lines which you can remove. You can earn a Transum Trophy for making twenty or more correct connections.

A more basic shape naming activity is available here:


Curriculum Reference

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