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Using Internet access devices in Mathematics lessons

Laptops in Maths
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Benefits of Laptops in Lessons

Purchasing laptop computers and software can be an expensive undertaking. Are you getting value for money with such an investment?

Portable ComputerIn the early days of implementing a one to one programme the presence of laptop computers may be seen by the teacher as anything but a benefit. As familiarity and range of teaching strategies increases the benefits start to become apparent.

This area of the Transum website is designed to share thoughts about how the easy access to ICT benefits teaching and learning..

Top Ten Benefits

  1. Research supports the fact that carefully considered use of ICT improves learning.
  2. Provide students with access to resources in a digital form that would be impossible to provide in other ways.
  3. Students can rely on always having a device on which they can interact with their school work and plan their time
  4. Software application configurations will be the same at school as at home (and anywhere else)
  5. The portable nature of the device means students can use it to collect Science data outside, film PE skills and take the laptop on field trip to collect real data to use in Maths lessons.
  6. Less of a desktop footprint than a desktop computer; Less of an obstacle to obstruct eye contact than a desktop computer.
  7. Have shown students to take more ownership of their learning and thus become better independent learners.
  8. Provides multiple opportunities for easy communication between teachers and students
  9. Students don’t have to carry around text books and so many exercise books.
  10. Lessons tend to be more ‘hands on’ and engaging for students.

Activity Ideas

Do you have any tips for using laptops (or other portable computers) in Mathematics lessons? Click here to enter your ideas.


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