Great Expectation

Click card below to reveal its value (1 to ). Drag that card to one of the empty spaces in the inequality. You can not change your mind when you have done this. Repeat until the inequality is complete. The objective is to end up with the number on the left larger than the number on the right.

If the objective is achieved, the number on the right is added to your score. If the number on the left is less than the number on the right, your score is halved. You will be awarded a Transum Trophy for a score of or more. This is level . There are three levels altogether.


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There are three levels for this activity. You can earn a Transum Trophy for each level you complete. Level 3 is very difficult.

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Teachers: Here are some ideas for a whole class version of this activity that does not require the students to have computers. It is called "Greater Than".

See also Inequalities.


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