1. While every effort is made to secure and regularly backup the data stored on our web host Transum accepts no responsibility for the loss of any data entered into this application. Users are urged to make their own backups of the data entered;

2. The application is offered 'as is' and no technical support is provided;

3. While every effort is taken to support access 24/7 the application may be taken offline at any time without notice due to technical problems or issues related to the web hosting and distribution service;

4. No assurances are made as to the security of the data entered. Use student nicknames instead of full names and delete data as soon as it is finished with. Data will be regularly deleted after a period of time (currently two years).

5. Should, for whatever reason, Transum Mathematics be discontinued, users will receive a portion of the fee paid back to them in proportion to the amount of their year's subscription time remaining.

6. Transum subscriptions run for one year initially and it is not possible to cancel a subscription during that year. At the end of the year the subscription will expire unless a payment is received or a purchase order for a payment is received.