Why Learn Mathematics?

You are learning Mathematics because future Ideas are built on previous ideas and the more ideas you learn the more power you have to learn anything, ever.

So why do 'Algebraic Perimeters'?

Algebraic Perimeters

"It is important for pupils to learn about algebraic perimeters in maths as it enhances their understanding of how to manipulate algebraic expressions in a real-world context. By working with perimeters and areas of polygons represented as algebraic expressions, students can develop their problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities.

Additionally, studying algebraic perimeters helps students apply mathematical concepts to practical situations, such as calculating fence lengths or determining the amount of material needed for construction projects. This topic also reinforces the importance of precision and accuracy in mathematical calculations, as small errors can lead to substantial differences in the final result.

Furthermore, learning about algebraic perimeters provides a foundation for more advanced mathematical concepts and prepares students for higher-level maths courses. It encourages students to think abstractly and analytically, fostering their ability to tackle complex mathematical problems effectively.

In essence, understanding algebraic perimeters is crucial for pupils as it equips them with valuable skills that are applicable in various aspects of their academic and professional lives."

Maths is an Adventure

"Embarking on the journey of mathematics is like unlocking a series of doors, each leading to rooms filled with wonder and possibility. With every new concept you master, you gain the key to yet another door, expanding the horizon of your understanding. This is not just learning; it's an adventure where each step enhances your ability to reach heights unknown and to explore realms of thought that once seemed out of reach. You're not just studying numbers and theories; you're building a tower of knowledge from which you can see the world in ways you never imagined."

Earn More Money

Here is an interesting fact from the 2021 "GCSE Attainment Lifetime Earnings" research report, commissioned by the DfE: Studying Maths can boost your earning potential. Strong maths skills can open up a wider range of career options, which are often more lucrative. The report states, "There is wide variation in the marginal grade returns by individual GCSE subjects. A one-grade improvement in Maths is associated with a discounted return of £14,500 whereas in English the return is £7,300 and in Music it is £5,500." Note that English and Music are also instrumental in improving your quality of life in other ways.

Earnings Bar Chart

National curriculum in England

"Mathematics is a creative and highly inter-connected discipline that has been developed over centuries, providing the solution to some of history’s most intriguing problems. It is essential to everyday life, critical to science, technology and engineering, and necessary for financial literacy and most forms of employment. A high-quality mathematics education therefore provides a foundation for understanding the world, the ability to reason mathematically, an appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics, and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject."

The Language of Mathematics

"Learning mathematics is akin to learning a powerful language—the language of the universe. Just as poets use words to express the inexpressible, mathematicians use numbers to explain the inexplicable. Each new topic you learn is like a word, a sentence, a verse that adds to your ability to articulate and comprehend the poetry of patterns, the rhythm of reason. You're not just memorising formulas; you're becoming fluent in the dialect of discovery, capable of conversing with the cosmos."


A strong background in mathematics is vital for many careers, particularly those in sciences, technology, engineering, finance, and data analysis. Here's a list of 20 popular jobs where a solid understanding of mathematics is important:

1. Nurse: Uses mathematics to calculate medication dosages and measure vital signs.

2. Teacher: Employs basic to advanced mathematics depending on the educational level to teach students.

3. Pilot: Uses mathematics for navigation, calculating distances, and fuel requirements.

4. Architect: Applies geometry and mathematical modelling to design buildings and structures.

5. Pharmacist: Utilises mathematics to ensure correct dosages and compound medications.

6. Accountant: Employs mathematics for financial reporting, tax calculations, and auditing.

7. Real Estate Agent: Uses mathematics to calculate mortgage payments, commissions, and property values.

8. Graphic Designer: Applies proportions and geometry in design layouts and visual concepts.

9. Construction Manager: Uses mathematics for project estimations, budgeting, and resource allocation.

10. Software Engineer: Applies principles of computer science and mathematical analysis to design, develop, and test software applications and systems.

11. Marketing Analyst: Uses statistics and data analysis to understand market trends and measure campaign effectiveness.

12. Chef: Utilises ratios and measurements in the preparation and scaling of recipes.

13. Interior Designer: Applies geometry and spatial reasoning to create harmonious and functional living spaces.

14. Electrician: Uses mathematics to calculate current, voltage, resistance, and power requirements.

15. Mechanic: Employs mathematics to diagnose vehicle issues and calculate the needed parts and labour.

16. Plumber: Utilises mathematics to measure, cut, and install piping correctly.

17. Land Surveyor: Applies trigonometry and geometry to determine land boundaries.

18. Insurance Agent: Uses probability and statistics to determine insurance rates and risk assessment.

19. Human Resources Specialist: Applies mathematics in the analysis of salary data and the calculation of benefits.

20. Logistics Coordinator: Uses mathematics for optimising route planning and managing inventory levels.

The Music of Life

"In the grand symphony of knowledge, mathematics is the melody that resonates through every domain of human endeavour. Each theorem and formula you learn is a note, a chord, a harmony that enriches your ability to understand and contribute to the world. You're not just studying to pass a test; you're tuning your mind to the frequency of innovation, enabling you to compose the future's most transformative tunes."

Maths is a Journey

"Consider yourself a mathematical explorer, setting sail on the vast ocean of the intellect. Each concept you grasp is a new star in your sky, guiding you to distant horizons and undiscovered worlds. This journey is about more than just navigating through homework; it's about charting a course to your dreams. With every new idea, you're not just learning; you're discovering the maps that will guide you to treasures more valuable than gold: wisdom, insight, and the power to change the world."

What Might People Say About Learning Mathematics?

Ariella Venti (inspired by Ariana Grande)

Ariella Venti

"Maths was always my favorite subject. I loved it since I was a kid."

Eminoe (inspired by Eminem)


"I was always good at Maths. I'm logical."

Jenna Laurence (inspired by Jennifer Lawrence)

Jenna Laurence

"I loved Maths. I loved solving equations."

Myra Balik (inspired by Mayim Bialik)

Myra Balik

"I've always had a predisposition for Maths and things with formulas and equations."

Ashton Catcher (inspired by Ashton Kutcher)

Ashton Catcher

"Maths makes sense to me because of its logic and you can't argue with that."

Tyler Swiftly (inspired by Taylor Swift)

Tyler Swiftly

"Maths is tough, but it's the most rewarding when you get it."

Serena Nomes (inspired by Selena Gomez)

Serena Nomes

"When it comes to Maths, there are no shortcuts - you just have to go with it."

Wal Smoth (inspired by Will Smith)

Wal Smoth

"Working hard at Maths pays off. Understanding those concepts opens up your mind."

Bronu Moons (inspired by Bruno Mars)

Bronu Moons

"Maths was hard for me in school until I started to grasp its patterns."

Carrie Wellington (inspired by Kerry Washington)

Carrie Wellington

"Studying Maths teaches you self discipline. Mastering those skills helps you in life."

The original quote was heard on the wonderful Mr Barton's Podcast

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