Maths Poems

Crafted with precision, painted with vivid imagery, and set to a rhythmic cadence, the magic of poetry is unparalleled. As a heartfelt medium that unlocks understanding, poetry enhances the conversation that drives human advancement, even in the realm of mathematics.

World Poetry Day is celebrated on 21 March each year and was declared by UNESCO.

National Poetry Day in the UK takes place annually on the first Thursday in October.

Number Rhyme

Number Rhyme

A poem about the numbers one to nine. Just for fun can you make up a last line for each verse?


Sir Pythag's Lance

A poem introducing using trigonometry and Pythagoras' Theorem to find lengths and angles.


Dividing in a Ratio

A poem describing how to divide a quantity in a given ratio

Exam tips

Exam Tips

Some advice, tips and tricks for a Maths exam presented in the form of a poem. Good Luck!

St Ives

St Ives

Ives rhymes with wives but then the rhyming is harder to find.

Lyric Lacking Limerick

Lyric Lacking Limerick

The Limerick is a classic, popular form of poetry and this one is mathematical.

Calendar Riddle

Calendar Riddle

A poem giving you a clue to the date of my birthday - Happy day!

Polygon Riddle

Polygon Riddle

A once popular form of riddle poem began with 'My first is in...'

Here's a playful, Dr. Seuss-styled poem inspired by
"The Square Root of Three" by David Feinberg:

In a land of numbers, some odd as can be,
Lived a curious number, the square root of three.
It wasn't a one, nor was it quite two,
It danced in between, not sure what to do!

With a hat that was striped and shoes big and neat,
It twirled around town, tapping its feet.
"I'm irrational, yes! But don't be so blue,
For numbers like me, bring a twist to the crew!"

It zigged and it zagged, with a Seussian flair,
Singing of maths, in the cool open air.
"I may not be whole, but I'm fun, can't you see?
For I am the number, the square root of three!"

Suddenly look out, what's this I see,
Another beautiful square root of three.
We multiply neatly as we both do prefer,
Our product's a wholesome, exact integer.

So no need for rounding when precision you need,
This number's so different, yet useful indeed,
Remember its spirit, so wild and so free,
The whimsical, magical square root of three!

Why Learn mathematics?

In the quest for knowledge, where secrets are vast,
Maths is the key to the future and past.
Numbers and equations, a language so clear,
Unlocking the cosmos, bringing mysteries near.

Like brushstrokes on canvas, each theorem we find,
Paints a picture so vivid in each human mind.
Each proof and each puzzle, a step in the dance,
In the grand waltz of patterns, with which we advance.

So why learn mathematics? It's the climb to the peak,
A language universal, for the bold and the meek.
It's the rhythm, the painting, the poem, the prose,
In the ascent of learning, where wonderment grows.

Mathematician In Love Poem Mathematician In Love Poem Mathematician In Love Poem Mathematician In Love Poem Mathematician In Love Poem Mathematician In Love Poem Mathematician In Love Poem

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The sub-heading at the top of the page is inspired by a quote attributed to Audrey Azoulay, Director General of UNESCO. The original quote was:

"Arranged in words, coloured with images, struck with the right meter, the power of poetry has no match. As an intimate form of expression that opens doors to others, poetry enriches the dialogue that catalyses all human progress, and is more necessary than ever in turbulent times."


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