Number Palindromes

Mathematical activities involving palindromic numbers.


A palindrome is a word, phrase, number or expression that reads the same backward as forward, e.g. Level, "Never odd or even", 12321 or
x + 22 = 22 + x

Here are some activities with a palindromic connection:


4 — 2 — 24
5 — 2 — 25
6 — 2 — 26
7 — 2 — 27
8 — 2 — 28
9 — 2 — 29
03 — 02 — 2030

Palindromic Products

Palindromic Products

Use long multiplication and pattern spotting to fill in the table with palindromic products.

Sum of three palindromic numbers

Sum of 3 Palindromes

Every whole number can be expressed as the sum of three palindromes.

Palindromic numbers

Palindrome Investigation

How many steps does each number take to become palandromic?

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

How many palindromic numbers there are less than each power of 10.


Odeometer Speed

Calculate the speed of the car from the palindromic odeometer readings.

Wrong Way Round

Wrong Way Round

Find calculations which written back to front give the same answer.

Palindronic Primes

What is the smallest palindromic prime number that is greater than 100?

Palindromic Squares

What is the largest palindromic square number that is less than 1000?

Palindromic Cubes

What is the smallest palindromic cube number that is greater than 1000?

Roman Numerals

What is the largest prime number that is palandromic when written in Roman numerals?

Binary Palindromes

Palindromic numbers are relatively rare in most number systems, but they appear more frequently in binary.

Even Digits

What is the only palindromic prime number that has an even number of digits?

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