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You can claim a trophy for finding
all wallabies with tries.

Guess the coordinates () Type two numbers separated by a comma.

Check Your Guess

The wallaby is .

Have Another Guess

Well done. There are more wallabies to find.

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Find the hidden wallaby using the clues revealed at the chosen coordinates.


Guess where the wallaby may be hiding and then type in the coordinates of that point. If you are not correct you will be shown how far your guess is from the wallaby's hiding place.

The units used are the length of one side on one of the squares in the grid above.

Your challenge is to find all ten wallabies in the smallest number of tries.

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Coordinates Clues Wallabies

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Friday, June 24, 2016

"This activity can be played as a game with two players or teams. Open this page in two tabs then players take it in turns to enter guesses into their version of this page:tabsThe first player or team to find all ten wallabies is the winner."

Alison Middelkoop, BHS NZ

Monday, June 10, 2019

A great activity. I would like to see the axes have numbers on them.

[Transum: Thanks for your suggestion Alison. Numbers are now shown below the x axis and to the left of the y axis.]"

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Using Comapasses
Example: A pair of compasses can be used to find the loci
of all points that are 3.16 units away from (1,1)

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