The Rowcol Game

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Remainder Race

Remainder Race

A game involving chance and choice requiring an ability to calculate the remainder when a two digit number is divided by a single digit number.

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The Rowcol Game

This strategy game for one or two players.

The computer does not play the 'perfect' game so you stand a good chance of beating it.

One row of the grid is selected at random for the first turn on a new or refreshed grid. After that the only tokens available are those in a vertical (column) or horizontal (row) line from the previously claimed token.

Players might plan to 'trap' their opponent into a position where there are no available tokens. In this case and for this size grid the opponent loses 10 points but is then given a new line on a refreshed grid for their next turn.

A Transum virtual trophy is available to the winner of a game (the first to score 100 points).

There is a choice of different grids on which to play the game. Use the tabs under the title to switch between grids. It would be interesting to hear which of the grids you think provides the best game experience.

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