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Christmas Logic Puzzle

Solve this challenging deduction logic puzzle to accurately find out who, where and what.

Christmas Tree Christmas Tree

Click on the cells of the table showing the facts about three people who really enjoy Christmas. They each have different jobs, different skills and live in different places.

Click a cell once for a tick and twice for a cross.

  Noel Holly Eve
Tree decorating
Toy making
Carol singing
North Pole


The person skillful at tree decorating is not Eve

The Shopper is not skilled in tree decorating

Noel is neither an Angel nor a Shopper

The person living in Lapland is not an Angel

Holly is not good at tree decorating

The Helper lives in Lapland

The Shopper lives in the North Pole

The people not good at toy making do not live in the North Pole

Eve lives in the North Pole

The Shopper is not skilled at carol singing

When the table above has been filled with ticks and crosses click the button below to see if you have successfully completed the puzzle.



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