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Sum Game

A game against the clock to find the numbers which add up to the target number.

This is a game of speed!

How quickly can you click on numbers from the grid that add up to the target number? You can earn a trophy for completing each level. Play the game over and over again to improve your time. Have fun!

Choose a level from the box below then click the button to start the game.

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Target:  0

Click numbers above which add up to the target number.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

"This game is suitable for one person working alone but also has potential for a group of learners challenging each other to achieve the best times or improve on their personal best.

The ability to calculate mentally is such an important part of mathematics and an important skill for life. Learners should learn the basic number facts by heart and this game provides of fun way of reinforcing that learning.

It is essential to develop a range of ‘in your head’ strategies for quickly finding answers to calculations in an efficient way. Many learners do not always think through calculations in the most efficient way and it is when working or playing games with other learners that opportunities to share good methods will arise naturally.

When learners are trying to solve more complex problems they do not want the whole thinking capacity of their brain hijacked by the simpler calculations so it is important to improve numeracy skills as soon as possible.

Enjoy the game and let us know how you get on."

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This activity was inspired by a game created by Arunkumar


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